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New! Pick-a-Card Soul Coaching by Denise Linn. 
Take a deep breath, clear your mind and pick a Card.

Did you choose A?


You’re already a winner but even more wins are coming your way…

Being successful is a state of mind. The more you FEEL the love, prosperity, fame and fortune… the more it will pour into your life.

If you’ve been through a situation that’s not been favourable, brush it off because that path wasn’t the best fit for you anyway.

(You’re only a failure if you stay down.)

Reminds me of that song by Taylor Swift; so shake it off and celebrate even the smallest things in life. 

Your mantra for this week is:

Success fills my life in ways beyond my greatest expectations!

Did you choose B?


This is a new start for you. It’s time to wipe the board clean and release the old.

As an astrologer, I like to look towards the past to see repetitive cycles which  indicates the future. 

Everything follows a cycle. Stock market, the seasons, our lunar cycles, etc.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the old ways and start fresh. 

Sometimes it just feels easier to hold onto the old beliefs. (Even if it doesn’t serve us anymore.)

Change can suck…but the Universe is saying change is here anyway … 

and we must embrace it for our soul-growth and evolution.

Face your fears and allow yourself to stretch into this new direction. 

Wholeness will happen when you say YES to both the endings and the beginnings.

Your mantra for the week is:

“I cherish all the cycles in my life!” 

Did you choose C?




Embrace your inner child and have some fun!


Your soul needs some relaxation and some playfulness. Give yourself a break from the day-to-day.


Do something fun and something out of your comfort zone …especially if you’ve lost some of your Mojo due to major stress.


Life is a balancing act. There’s a time for work, and there’s a time for play.


Your mantra for the week is:


“My JOY is the greatest gift that I give to others!”



It’s that time again! 
✨Choose Your Own Adventure!✨
Decks Used:
• Oceanic Tarot by Jayne Wallace
• Guilded Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti
• Bad Day ORACLE by Kristy Kilik

If you chose A:

•10 of Cups: Completion

•32 Moon + 37 Time

•9 It is you, all you

You’re reaching the completion of a personal goal or dream. But you’ve been kinda rejected along the way.

And that’s okay.  

You might have the Cancer ♋️ zodiac sign more prominently in your chart, which shows sensitivity and empathy...and you’re very intuitive right now. Never mind, we are in Cancer season now until July 22, so we are all feeling that way. 

Just remember, time heals all and the way you FEEL and THINK are what matters.

Conquer those feelings by switching your mind to “I got this!” 

Success already exists for you. You just gotta grab it and feel it. 

That feeling sometimes you feel, about being out of control...

is just the feeling of a new becoming.

happy manifesting! 

If you chose B:

  • Page of Cups: Imagination
  • 14 Fox + 26 Book
  • 15 Chicken Shit

There is new opportunity in learning about a new business or a side gig.

Learning is key.

Finances play a big part in your reading so maybe check with your accountant or bookkeeper, as something needs “balancing”.

When we are babies, we know nothing. We have to learn to grow and take on the world. We keep learning.

But we withhold ourselves from trying something new and stepping out of our comfort zone, from a FEAR OF FAILURE.

Remove failure from your vocabulary, it doesn’t exist anymore. 

Time to buck up and stop being chicken shit of the unknown.

And don’t worry, The Universe has your back! 💕 “Go forth young grasshopper...”

If you chose C:

  • 5 of Cups: Sadness
  • 23 Mice + 4 House
  • 51 Animal Medicine

You’re feeling a bit sad lately, mostly about your house issues and family life. But some of it can be career-based too.

(The number 5 comes up quite a bit and that feels quite Challenging.)

Take the time to think about what

would make you HAPPY. 

Focus on that instead. You are the controller of your own video game. 

Make some necessary changes and always see the ultimate prize in your mind. The goal. 

Don’t worry about you get there, just make a few action steps forward. Keep going! 

The Universe is your GPS Google lady and she will help you get there safely.


On a more specific note, there may be some structural issues coming to your house, especially the plumbing. 

(Have a plumber on speed-dial... you know, just in case.)

51 Animal Medicine: 5+1 is 6 which means you can re-establish energetic balance by communicating through nature and animals.

Perhaps you need to get away from the electronic drama and go ride a horse or pet a dog. 

Walk barefoot in the ground:

we are electrical beings with a North and South Pole.

That’s why they call it the ground... it grounds your energy.

I like hugging trees and so do my kids, we find it very healing and enjoy their wise, kind words. Trees have a lot to say. 

Perhaps a camping trip away from the house would be an ideal getaway.

Trust the signs around you, and trust your heart. It is the best compass. 💕

Choose A, B or C and scroll down for your reveal. Get your own The Quantum Oracle deck here!

If you chose A:


  1. FAMILY (people card)


Perhaps you’ll be spending more time with kids, or maybe a brand new addition to the family will soon arrive.


Maybe you’ll have a new partner with kids of their own.

Feelings of spontaneity and playfulness makes life better. 

Let yourself be open to having fun. It’s the simple moments - like hanging with people that make you laugh.


Be playful and let your inner child come out. It’s one of the best things you can do to connect with Universal Joy! ✨💕


AFFIRMATION: More and more, I am bringing an attitude of playfulness in my life. I love and nurture the child within. 

If you chose B:

  1. DESERVING (consciousness card)


Sometimes we forget how worthy and valuable we are. 


We long for something, and we know we deserve it - but deep down we aren’t so sure. 


You deserve all the Universe has to offer. Whether it’s love, career, money or healing, the world is ready to provide. 


Accept these gifts and Know that you’re worthy to receive them!


AFFIRMATION: I am a truly valuable person, totally deserving of all the wealth, love and happiness the world has to offer!


If you chose C:


  1. KINDRED PARTNERSHIP (people card)


A caring connection is in your life or is soon arriving. There’s a sharing of mind and heart here. This can be romantic or work related.


A deeper connection with your romantic partner, or else a new relationship coming your way. But this card can also mean a partnership in work or business. 


This card can also predict a legal agreement of some kind.


AFFIRMATION: I open my heart and my life to the loving connections coming my way. I deserve to love and be loved.

Which card did you choose from the Oracle of the Mermaids deck?


Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish 

(With my own intuitive spin!)



You are at a moment where you’re floating and letting the tides take you where they may. 


Sometimes we just need a break, let go of it all, and recharge.


Enjoy the little things and enjoy the serene moments that present themselves.


And don’t ever feel guilty of doing something just for you! 

Life is a balance of giving and receiving energies.


Have a relaxing time and rejuvenate so that you can be fresh for the next chapter in your book of life.




We all have a fear of being hurt. Because getting hurt sucks.


The deep reason we don’t like being hurt is because we don’t want to feel rejected.


We want to feel like we belong.

Humans need community.


So we we block our feelings, put on a brave face and hide our tenderness.


But being vulnerable is one of the most attractive and appealing of human qualities!


Deep connections with others starts with understanding who we are.


What we like & don’t like about ourselves, 

and nurturing back to health all that we’ve previously forced away.


This can mean therapy, counselling and deep vulnerability.


It is not a weakness. It is a strength to observe it and then make improvements.


You attract others with your open heart.

Choose Love for yourself and for others. It’s the highest frequency of all.💕





The time is coming for a voyage!

This can be literal or can be metaphorical.


Your soul has wished for this for a long time!


You will stay for a short time, to learn what you need ...and then even more experiences will unfold.


The IMRAMMA (pilgrimage over water) is watched over by the mermaids and one we must all make during our lifetimes.


Got your passport? Saved up some cash? Well you can plan all you like...but ultimately, the trip will be taking You!


Return only when your soul journey is complete. 

The mermaids are protecting you. 


-end of reading-

Choose a card from the Animal Whispers Deck...


Don’t be Boxed In: Reach for the Stars!


You’re likely seeing 1:11 or 11:11 as this is a time of new beginnings for you. 


Don’t let self-doubt rain on your parade!


Guilt, low self-esteem and lack of self-worth can stay there on the ground. (That’s the past and it can stay there.)


Focus on your bright, soaring future! Trust your wings, as they will carry you to new heights!


You are ready to focus on lifting your energetic vibration through chemical-free living, and energy healing techniques.


Learn more on:





You are Perfect as you Are!


The shark is a perfect ocean machine, and has stayed the same for thousands of years.  They are perfectly adapted to their environment.


Be inspired by their strengths and raw beauty. 


This is a mirror of you, beautifully aligning with your soul journey and life lessons!


As the full moon 🌕 tomorrow, July 16, 2019 shines her bright healing light, think of adapting effortlessly through the TIDES and FLOW of life.


Just like the shark. 

It will help you to be totally present in the moment, rather than focusing on the past.





Manifest your Dreams Now!


Perfect timing for this card since the full moon is tomorrow (July 16, 2019)


Are you seeing 1:11 or 11:11?


The time is now for you to manifest your soul’s wishes.


The whale shark works closely with the dolphins, whales and mantas.


These gentle giants swim with their mouths wide open allowing your wildest imaginings to actually form into your reality.


Change your wording. For example, instead of “Please God, send me financial abundance soon”


Say Instead:


“THANK YOU God, for all the financial abundance that comes to me now!”


Visualize your dreams like they ALREADY EXIST, (instead of some far off future thing that may or may never happen.)


All the potentials are here for you now. You just have to choose one and make it so!


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Choose a card...



Tangerine 17

Be Spontaneous & Have Fun!


Tangerine is vibrancy, sexual energy, reproductive issues, creativity, warmth, zest for life and 2nd sacral chakra.


What have you always wanted to do and never had the courage to do?


Before doubt sets in, let go of control and give yourself permission to do something wild and spontaneous.


Allow your inner child to come out and PLAY.


Think orange clothing, essential oils and crystals. Imagine a tangerine light filling your auric field and activate your fun, spontaneous, adventurous self! 💕


B. Lavender 44

Connect to Mind, Body and Soul

Lavender is a subtle color that activates your third eye intuitive chakra.

Also boosts your immune system.

You need to feel the connection between mind, body and soul.

There is no separation. Only unity.

“Divine Spirit, strengthen my connection to my own divinity and allow me to see the divinity in others.

Thank you.” 

Think lavender essential oil Blends, lavender clothing and scarves and Amethyst.

C. Emerald 30

Calm Your Mind, Body and Soul

Think trinity, like God, Son, And Holy Spirit

Think 3 heads are better than one.

Be open to receiving information from others, as you are not alone.

Emerald overcomes fears, releases frustration and creates CALM.

Use this color to dissolve aggression and mend your broken heart.

Increase your self-esteem and attract abundance while replenishing your energy.

Use emerald coloured gemstones, wear this color and think green heart chakra for your emotional well-being.

Walk barefoot in the green grass for five minutes a day.

Rejoice in the power of nature to heal you and move forward in your pain.

Say to yourself:

I feel Calm. I feel perfect balance. I feel Harmony.

Today’s Choose-a-Card is brought to you by The Oracle of Mermaids.

Listen quietly to your intuition and then choose a card. 

Scroll down for your guiding message. 

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If you chose card #1

Prophecy, fate, destiny, future fortune

If you chose card #1 in oracle of mermaids, you have intuitive healing gifts that are calling you for more training.

Perhaps it’s clairvoyant dreams, Mediumship, animal readings for healing,  astrology, channeling or using tools such as aura meters, sound healing or oracle cards. 

Whatever it is, it will be useful to uplifting the frequency of the world and healing our beautiful Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

Consider the subtle hints you’ve been getting.

The little signs and symbols that are leading you to your next step of your intuitive journey. 💕

If You Chose Card #2:

Appreciate and enjoy the lunar light and cycles

If you chose the middle card in The Oracle of the Mermaids, this is a message for you to become  aware of moon cycles. We rely too much on our minds which have become muddled with electro-magnetic frequency, and other static like other people’s opinions. 

We listen too much to external sources and we’ve  forgotten how to listen to our gut feelings, our intuition. 

Our natural instincts.

As the moon becomes full, this is called “Waxing” and her magentism becomes greater.

As she creates the tides, she pulls on the water in our own body.

Once we realize the power of the moon, we learn things like not to have dental surgical procedures on a waxing moon phase, because recovery is slower, and pain is higher. 

Learn to listen to your own Lunar cycles and how they affect your body.

Learn to “dance” to the light of the moon.

If you chose card #3:

There are those worth making, and there are those that will destroy you

If you chose card #3 in The Oracle of Mermaids, you are thinking about doing something difficult, or giving up something precious to you in order to demonstrate how important a 3rd option is for you.

Maybe “sacrificing” is not the right way after all.

Sometimes people make what they think are sacrifices because they feel others will view them in a “good way” - and so they become martyrs.

It’s another example of giving you power to external sources instead of realizing that power is within ourselves.

There is usually a better solution anyway, for the greater good of all, that doesn’t feel like such a sacrifice. Look within yourself and find it. Do what makes you feel happiest and most loved. 

Think:  “What Would Love Do?”

Your heart is your best compass. ❤️

What card speaks to you?

Choose the card that speaks to you
Choose the card that speaks to you
Now scroll down for the reveal...

1.“Once was Innocent” 


Once upon a time, you did not know.


But you have seen, you have tasted, you have danced!


Do not deny yourself. 


Do not deny what you have seen, learned & experienced no matter what they have told you, or what they think you should do or be.


Be brave, do not stay hidden , you are wiser now.


You are extraordinary! Have no fear! 

Knowledge means change. 🦋


2.“Beauty’s Truth”


You are so beautiful! Accept yourself and all that makes you loveable.


and when someone compliments you, say thank you and feel good about it!


It’s time to embody your beauty. 

It’s not vanity or an attempt to fit in, it’s simply coming out of hiding.


The world will benefit and you’ll be kinder, sweeter and more generous when you believe in your own beauty.


If you’re having trouble with this concept of feeling beautiful, sit in front of a mirror on a Friday night and focus on love coming out from within.


See this love radiate from you (picture it as pink light with gold sparkles) and begin to glow.

As you do this, watch your beauty grow.


Do not deny this form of Self-Love as it has so much power and healing within it. ❤️

3.“Her Special Place”


You are a sensitive, sacred being who deserves self-nurturing.


Find a sweet, safe place to make time for yourself and listen to your own heartbeat.


Consider spending time alone in nature and being with soothing, accepting friends.

Where you can totally be yourself.


You need some solitude and quiet. A break from busy-ness and stress.


Take a break from hearing about disasters. 


Refresh yourself so you can face your new life changes with better understanding and love. ❤️

Choose a card:

Now scroll down for the reveal...


Your life is a bit too complicated right now. Get more simple. Be more like a child.

Have you let the sharp quills of others’ unkind words penetrate your skin?

It might be time to face that person and have a good talk. (Sometimes adversity can sharpen your spirit.)


You’re feeling a bit scared about something. Don’t give in to any irrational fears or fantasies that can paralyze you like a spider bite.

Go for it!

Have no fear! 

A spider is agile and aware. Be like the spider.


You’re in transformation like a caterpillar to a butterfly right now.


You’ve outgrown your present situation.


Don’t be all in your cocoon anymore.

Be your true self.


It’s time to fly!!!



Choose the column that resonates with you to learn about what's happening in your biofield and how to release any energetic blockages.

Don't worry, you'll always pick the right one!

Choose a Column:

Now scroll down for your personalized healing message...

If you chose A: 

  • Exercise to improve manifestation abilities
  • Take the next step now


Have you been learning about  “The Law of Attraction” or have been interested in manifesting a more positive life lately? 


You chose Column A because it’s now time to take the next step in your journey - physical exercise to increase your energetic frequency. 


This will also give you self-confidence,  and start the forward movement towards a better life.


Start in baby steps and do exercise that’s fun and uplifting for you. Raising your frequency enables you to attract better everything.



If you chose B:

  • Sever Vows of Poverty
  • Spiritual Growth


You have probably been learning lots about spiritual growth lately and you chose Column B because you would like more financial resources or an increase in general abundance.


There are some old energetic cords either from this life or from before... that are holding you back from prosperity. 


You may have taken a vow of poverty in a past life (like a monk would)

or else you were raised as money being “evil.”


Time to cut these cords that are holding you back.


Ask for Archangel Michael and his almighty sword for help on this one.


Take your favourite crystal, a selenite wand, a branch or whatever you feel would be good to cut these energy cords

and then cut them from all over your body. 


Don’t forget the bottoms of your feet.


Say out loud (and really mean it:)

“I now sever my vow of poverty. Amen.”



If you chose C:

  • It is Safe for you to Receive
  • Heavenly Signs


Have you been seeing butterflies,  feathers, coins (especially dimes), or rainbows lately?


These are signs from Heaven!


It is safe for you to receive messages from your angels, passed on loved ones and spirit guides. When you see these things, know that they love you and are watching over you every step of the way.


Even though we get sad that they aren’t with us anymore, they actually still are with us, just in a different form. A different energetic frequency. 💕



Choose a Column:

The Reveal:

If you picked A


- 8 of Water

- Labradorite bracelet


“I choose the path that is true to my heart. I will no longer hold on to what isn’t right for me.”


You’re on a journey of discovery!

You’re leaving something behind that no longer serves you in order to move forward.


You picked this bracelet because Labradorite is perfect for self-discovery and inner awakenings.


Congratulations for listening to your inner guidance and doing what is true to your heart!


Labradorite will protect and shield your aura through these major life changes.




If you picked B


- 7 of Water

- Rose Quartz bracelet


Castles in the air become castles on the ground when I remain loving, flexible and open.”


“God never doubts the power of possibility, and neither will I”


Look at the 7 of Water card and all the swirling choices.

There are many to pick from.


You’re a bit stuck and are likely procrastinating at making a decision.


You might have some negative emotional energy stuck around your heart area that's blocking you - such as grief, sadness, anxiety, anger or jealousy.


There may be some addiction or unhealthy behaviours to mask any pain.

Forgive yourself, and forgive others so that you can release this stuck energy in your heart chakra in order to move forward.


You may be asking:

“Where do I go from here?”


Choose the path that makes you feel that high-frequency joy. Follow your heart!

It is your best compass.


Rose Quartz is associated with the element of Water.

It is fluid. It opens your heart to unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others.


Rose Quartz balances your Heart, 3rd Eye and Crown chakras so that you can make the best decision.



If you picked C


- Queen of Earth

- Jasper bracelet


“I use my resources wisely, whether they are finances, opportunities, or people willing to help me.”


Congratulations, you’ve got it going on right now!

You’re in a super time of manifestation.


You have most of it figured out and like to take a “down-to-earth” approach.


Just like Jasper... Jasper is your all-in-one stone that resonates with Mother Earth and keeps you grounded, strong and wise. It stabilizes your energy centres.


However, this is a reminder to not forget about your family and friends just because your life is busy.


Your feet have a charge of positive current and earth is negative current. So take time to run barefoot in the grass as this is very grounding and will discharge energy to Mother Earth.


Better yet, play in the grass with your loved ones and connect with them.

Balance is the key to life!


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