Qi Men Feng Shui for a Better Life

Trina Amiot

Qi Men Feng Shui Practitioner

Intuitive Energy Medium & Educator

Which Package Fits You?

personal Consult

(No Blueprint)


If you don't have a house plan, we can still implement Qi Men dun jia & Feng Shui.


I will ask for certain compass directions.



  • Personal, Private Video
  • PDF Implementation document

Pro Consult

 (With Your Blueprint)


This package requires blueprints or houseplan which enables me to see things in greater detail. 


For example, I can see in a bedroom EXACTLY TO THE DEGREE where the energy changes, so that we can implement a very detailed Feng Shui plan for your home and its occupants.



  • Precise PDF implementation document for yourself and your property
  • Personal Private Video

Real Results


I'm an intuitive energy medium trained in Classical Feng Shui (used for over 4,000 years) with Master Joey Yap.


I use a combination of Qi Men Dun Jia, classic Feng Shui, along with intuitive/clairvoyant abilities to help you balance and redirect external and internal Qi energy so that you can have love, money and good health. 


Don't waste your time and money on Feng Shui that doesn't work.

Classical Feng Shui is not one size fits all. 



It's not your house cluttered with silly trinkets, and it's not "BaGua mirrors" from a feng shui store.

Added Value:


  • Geomancy, earth acupuncture, balancing energy vortexes and lay lines
  • Dowsing. Intuition, Clairvoyance, Aura and external energy field Reading



Special Warning! 


Things can get even worse by implementing things in our house without the proper calculations, and can cause terrible problems to health and money.


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Qi Men Feng Shui Energy Consulting


Transforming Energy for a Better Life


Experience REAL RESULTS in health, finances, career, love and relationships using classical QiMen Feng Shui (the scientific kind that uses a compass and time periods with facing and sitting directions of the property.)


I take all the calculations to create a strategic plan for you to implement in your home or business.


Choose from:

  • Personal Consultation (no blueprint/houseplan) 
  • Pro Consultation (you have blueprint/houseplan)


Transform your energy flow to change your life!

QiMen Feng Shui Energy Consulting


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