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Debunking false information concerning Feng Shui.

Trina Amiot

Classical Feng Shui Practitioner


Intuitive  Energy Medium


I saw online that I should put an aquarium to activate my wealth corner which is supposedly the South East sector?

A. Don't do that or you can make things worse...even bankruptcy!

Wealth sectors are determined through complex calculations in Classical Feng Shui, and are different for each property depending on the facing direction, door directions, sitting stars, annual stars and facing stars for both the individual and for the house itself.


In fact, there is more than one "wealth sector" on a property.




My stove is right next to my sink. I have a feeling this is bad...

A. You are correct in your assumption.  There is a clash of the water element with the fire element in this situation.  Minimize it by placing a live leafy plant in that space between the stove and sink.




I like watching the big screen TV in my bedroom. Is this bad?

A. Yes it is. But I do it too. I minimize the negative energy by covering the TV with a blanket when not in use.




The special tree in my front yard is pretty much dead.

A. Remove it!  This is an external form problem which needs to be addressed immediately.




My house is cluttered. I heard this is bad Qi.

A. There are more important factors to consider especially the stuff going on outside the house, called external energy forms. However, it is a good idea to de-clutter as it reflects what is going on in your mind. Our human internal Qi needs balancing as well. 


Consider an intuitive reading for your personal internal energies.




I want to hire a Feng Shui consultant. You got any tips on what to look for in a practitioner?

A. Get one that is trained in Classical Feng Shui.  They use a compass, get facing and sitting directions, door facings and use time periods.  This is the Feng Shui that actually WORKS.




Do those trinkets for Feng Shui enhancements and cures at the store actually work?

A. Maybe a little bit, mostly because of your intent behind the cures. The best cure in my experience is the salt water cure.

More importantly we must study and balance the external factors first, then the internal forms, then fine tune the energies within ourselves (our own personal biofields).

If trinkets help you with that last part, then go for it. But things like BaGua mirrors and such are not part of Classical Feng Shui, and are not necessary. In fact, BaGua mirrors can actually make things worse!




Why do I have a bad sleep all the time?

A. Energy problems concerning your bedroom and main door.

Has to do  with time period factor, facing stars, sitting stars, annual stars, etc.

Hire a Classical Feng Shui Consultant for REAL advice.


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