*Career & Wealth* Intuitive Reading Video


Unlock the Power of Wealth in Your Life!


* How can I get out of this financial rut?

* What can I do to attract more wealth opportunities?

* What career should I be in?


Your intuitive reading includes includes Qi Men and classical Feng Shui metaphysics,  Aura Scanning, Angel Therapy, Oracle Cards, Western astrology and metaphysics, Gemstone and Holistic recommendations, event predictions, and much more. 


Recorded as a video so that you feel like you're right with me and you can watch it over and over again.


Once you’ve watched your video, aftercare is provided until you feel satisfied and happy! 

Receive life transformation secrets that you need at this time in your life regarding your finances.


Over the years as an energy medium,  I've developed my gifts so that I can tune into your energy fields from my home in Canada.


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During checkout please include:


* Date of birth, Time of birth and Location of birth (if known)

* Any specific questions you may like answered


I provide aftercare, so text me any questions you may have after you watch the reading.


Career & Wealth Intuitive Reading Video