Readings & Healings

Accurate, high-vibe intuitive guidance and energy healing services to bring clarity and solve problems in health, wealth and love.

Intuitive Reading by Trina


A layered intuitive reading is your roadmap...


  • predict future events and be prepared
  • answers to your pressing questions
  • discover your best career avenues
  • increase your wealth, health and love opportunities
  • inspire positive changes in your life
  • discover your positive energies for success (and what's blocking you)
  • assess and improve partnerships (in business, love and family)
  • find out how to fall in love with yourself
  • balance your energy fields


My readings are predictive mixed with empowerment strategies. I foresee events and then show you how to change (and therefore improve) your future.

Your intuitive reading is multi-leveled with a variety of:


  • Western and Chinese metaphysics
  • Astrology
  • Clairvoyance
  • Mediumship and,
  • Cartomancy


Choose your delivery style:

+ Pre-recorded Video Reading (full reading and mini-reading available)

+ Video Chat live reading (1 hour session)


At checkout, please include your date of birth, time of birth and location of birth for a more precise reading.



Intuitive Reading with Trina


Can't afford a reading  right now? No problem! Check out our free readings and things! 

2021 Predictions Video for January Only


Thrive in 2021...


Receive a predictive video reading that you can watch again and again with event forecasting for 2021!

Sent as a private video link to watch ... along with your PDF astrology energy prediction file emailed to you.


Includes BaZi analysis of what to focus on for this year with Tarot, Lenormand, Clairoyance, Astrology and much more for a comprehensive, layered predictive reading.


This special is only offered for the month of January.


(Canadian funds)

January Special Predictions Reading Video + PDF


All Readings:

“I’ve never had a reading done before.  

What kind of information do you provide to people?”

  • Increase your wealth
  • Find love ❤️ 
  • Your personality and strengths
  • What energies to focus on for success
  • Connect to your loved ones who’ve passed
  • The career you were born to do
  • Improve your relationships 
  • Illuminate energy blocks and release them
  • Event forecasting (to be prepared; knowledge is power!)
  • How and when to find your life partner
  • Inspiration to live your best life
  • Eliminate non-useful thought patterns that don’t serve you 
  • Health healing readings & services (information to discuss with your physician) 

I guide you towards happiness and success in your life using energy transformation techniques.

What can an intuitive reading do for you?


• Increase clarity to make the best decisions

• Attract luck, success, love, health and joy

• Raise your energy frequency 

• Forecast events that are opportunities in disguise

• Relieve anxiety & move forward from loss 

• Discover your calling

• Improve your situation


My  readings do have some homework that is not mandatory, but definitely recommended.


The more positive shifts in your energy fields, the better. 

Good Vibes = Good Life

i heart continuous learning:

  • Oracle Guide (Colette Baron-Reid)
  • Spiritual Medium (Carmel Joy Baird)
  • Tarot Professional (IAAP)
  • Published Chakra Oracle Cards (The Power of 8)
  • Lenormand Practitioner (World Divination Association)
  • BaZi & Feng Shui Consultant (Dato Joey Yap)
  • Angel Tarot Card Specialist (Radleigh Valentine/Hayhouse)
  • Law of Attraction Practitioner (Joe Vitale ~The Secret~)
  • Energy Healing Product Creator (Sacred Orgonite)