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*Career & Wealth* Intuitive Reading Video
  Unlock the Power of Wealth in Your Life!   * How can I get out of this financial rut? * What can I do to attract more wealth opportunities? * What career should I be in?   Your intuitive reading ... (Read More)
*Destiny* Intuitive Reading Video
  What is Your Destiny?   * Why was I born? * What is my life path? * What are my hidden talents? * What can I do to attract more opportunities for happiness?   Your intuitive reading inclu ... (Read More)
*Health* Intuitive Reading Video
  Unlock a Healthier You!   * How can I help these nagging symptoms, and what do they mean? * Is there a way to mix western medicine with other holistic approaches? * What can I do to attract better health? ... (Read More)
*Love* Intuitive Reading Video
  Unlock the Power of Love in Your Life!   * Is he/she the one? * When and how will a partner arrive into my life? * What can I do to attract more love opportunities?   Your intuitive reading incl ... (Read More)
*Reading Bundle* (most popular!)
  Unlock the Secrets to Your Career Destiny, Love, Money and Health!   Your personal intuitive reading video is your roadmap for a Happy, Healthy, Successful Life!    Your private intuitive reading video is loa ... (Read More)
$260.00 $189.00
1 Hour of Intuitive Guidance
  Happiness & Clarity You will Find...   Ask me anything! A live 1 hour intuitive consultation can include:   Aura Scanning Life and Career Coaching (especially in small business for women) ... (Read More)
Astrology Reading
  FInd out why you were born, what are your talents, your strengths and weaknesses and some significant upcoming events.       Discover your:   Special Gifts Missing elements for a better life ... (Read More)
Chakra Energy Healing Session (via Facetime)
 A live chakra energy cleansing service with the help of your guides and angels to clear out old, stagnant (and sometimes troublesome) energy in your personal energy fields. Brings balance to the chakras.     As long as ... (Read More)
Group Party Readings (over wiFi)
  It's Party Time!   A super fun idea for your next ladies night,  bachelorette/bachelor party, a baby or bridal shower, spa party, garage sale party or any other get-together you can think of,  a live group reading with ... (Read More)
From $180.00
Mediumship Reading Video
Connect with your departed loved one   It is so nice to know that your loved one who has passed is now at peace, happy, and no longer suffering in the Earthly body. Your loved one has guiding, comforting messages for you! ... (Read More)
Mini Intuitive Reading Video
  Intuitive Guidance That Won't Break the Bank...   Find out what you need to know right now, to move forward and uplevel in your life. Ask any question or any theme.   A personalized video, that you can ... (Read More)
Qi Men Feng Shui Energy Consulting
  Transforming Energy for a Better Life   Experience REAL RESULTS in health, finances, career, love and relationships using classical QiMen Feng Shui (the scientific kind that uses a compass and time periods with facing ... (Read More)
From $160.00

I heart education:

  • Oracle Guide™  (Colette Baron-Reid™) 
  • Blue Seal Medium (Carmel Joy Baird™) 
  • Classical Feng Shui Consulting (Master Joey Yap™)
  • QiMen Dun Jia Consulting  (Master Joey Yap™)
  • Certified Angel Card Reader™ (Radleigh Valentine™ with Hayhouse)  
  • Certified Angelic Mediumship & Mentoring (IAAP)
  • Certified Angel and Tarot Card Reader™ (IAAP
  • Biddy Tarot Reader & Guide (Biddy Tarot™) 
  • Certified Crystal Reader (Judy Hall)  
  • Intuitive Oracle and Mediumship (Kristy Kilik)  
  • Empowerment & Psychic Development (Kristy Kilik)  
  • Facilitator for Carmel Joy Baird™ 
  • Traditional Usui Reiki 1st Degree Practitioner  (Ascension Healing Arts)
  • Fairyologist (Doreen Virtue™)  
  • Realm Reader (Doreen Virtue™)
  • 4th & 5th Class Power Engineer (Alberta Boilers Safety Assoc.)
  • Network Adminstrator (CompTIA™)