Monthly Cosmic Counseling

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SAVE BIG on readings by subscribing to our Monthly Cosmic Counselling...


 A personalized reading each month just for you sent as a private video (approx 20 minutes) you can watch again and again. 


Your personalized energy forecast for the month so you know what to expect and the best ways to navigate the energies.


Your intuitive reading is layered with clairvoyance, Chinese and Western Astrology, Oracle, Lenormand, Kipper and Tarot cards. 


Please include the following in the notes at checkout:


+ date of birth

+ time of birth

+ location of birth




Monthly Cosmic Counseling


Why Choose Me?

  • Author of The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards
  • Educator & Energy Forecaster (on YouTube)
  • Oracle Guide (Colette Baron-Reid)
  • Energy Healing Product Creator (Sacred Orgonite)
  • Blue Seal Medium (Carmel Joy Baird)
  • Tarot Professional (IAAP)
  • BaZi & Feng Shui Consultant (Dato Joey Yap)
  • Lenormand Practitioner (World Divination Association)
  • Angel Tarot Card Specialist (Radleigh Valentine/Hayhouse)
  • Law of Attraction Practitioner (Joe Vitale)

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