Health Healing Combo Pack


A Health Reading + Distance Healing all in one!


The Moon Tree has partnered with Whitewave Healing Energy to diagnose and jumpstart healing of your underlying health issues.

I analyze your charts for health and Jenn attunes your energy fields.


I use BaZi, Clairvoyance, Face reading, Western astrology and Chinese astrology to diagnose the underlying health issues...

and Jenn uses the power of energy healing using tuning forks, crystals and Reiki energy (she's a Master teacher) to jumpstart the healing!


Watch your personal pre-recorded health video again and again!

Your intuitive video includes a health reading with an auric attunement afterward using tuning forks and Crystal Reiki. 

Using the power of light, intent and sound healing to start fixing the underlying health issues. 


Here's a way to help slow down the use of pharmaceuticals (which only cover up the symptoms) and get straight to the real healing... at the source!


The health reading takes about 20 minutes and the fork tuning session is also about 20 minutes. Total video time is approximately 40 minutes.

Your personal video is edited with text, effects and music for the ultimate healing experience.



Brings balance and peace.

Lifts your personal energy frequency to bring feelings of courage, relief, peace, love and serenity so that you can move on with your life in a more happy and liberated way. 


WARNING: Most of our clients go through a detox period after the attunement which can involve alot of crying.

This only lasts a day or two ...then it's smooth sailing.

Just eat your greens and drink your filtered water during your detoxification period to wash away the negative energies and toxic buildup that collect especially in the lymph nodes, liver and breasts.


Our healings use powerful energy and so this health pack is NOT for:

- pregnant women in the 1st trimester

- people with pacemakers

- those undergoing chemotherapy


*** During checkout please include the following: ***

+ date of birth

+ time of birth (if known)

+ location of birth


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*** EXTRA NOTE ***

Please be willing to take the strategic action steps outlined in your reading for better results.  (True healing starts with you and the actions you take.)


Price in Canadian Funds

Health Healing Combo Pack: Readingh + Attunement


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