Intuitive Reading by Trina

This reading is a good POINT A starting point in your spiritual journey.


My goal as an intuitive consultant is to guide you on how to change your future for the better and wake up with excitement.  I analyze your energies to discover blockages to release, as well as the opportunities so you can

win at life.   


I use Chinese and Western astrology, Angel guidance, Lenormand, Tarot and our signature deck The Power of 8 Chakra oracle cards with other metaphysics techniques for your comprehensive layered reading.

* The Full Intuitive Reading *


Stars and Cards...


A layered intuitive reading with astrology and cartomancy techniques to:


  • inspire positive changes
  • guide you forward
  • prepare you for future events
  • answer your most pressing questions
  • discover your best career, love and financial paths
  • capitalize on your opportunities
  • release what's blocking you
  • assess and improve partnerships
  • balance your energy fields


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Full Intuitive Reading with Trina


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Readings Menu:

“I’ve never had a reading done before.  

What kind of information do you provide to people?”

  • Increase your wealth
  • Find love ❤️ 
  • Your personality and strengths
  • What energies to focus on for success
  • Connect to your loved ones who’ve passed
  • The career you were born to do
  • Improve your relationships 
  • Illuminate energy blocks and release them
  • Event forecasting (to be prepared; knowledge is power!)
  • How and when to find your life partner
  • Inspiration to live your best life
  • Eliminate non-useful thought patterns that don’t serve you 
  • Health healing readings & services (information to discuss with your physician) 

I guide you towards happiness and success in your life using energy transformation techniques.

What can an intuitive reading do for you?


• Increase clarity to make the best decisions

• Attract luck, success, love, health and joy

• Raise your energy frequency 

• Forecast events that are opportunities in disguise

• Relieve anxiety & move forward from loss 

• Discover your calling

• Improve your situation


My  readings do have some homework that is not mandatory, but definitely recommended.


The more positive shifts in your energy fields, the better. 

Good Vibes = Good Life

i heart continuous learning:

  • Oracle Guide (Colette Baron-Reid)
  • Spiritual Medium (Carmel Joy Baird)
  • Tarot Professional (IAAP)
  • Published Chakra Oracle Cards (The Power of 8)
  • Lenormand Practitioner (World Divination Association)
  • BaZi & Feng Shui Consultant (Dato Joey Yap)
  • Angel Tarot Card Specialist (Radleigh Valentine/Hayhouse)
  • Law of Attraction Practitioner (Joe Vitale ~The Secret~)
  • Energy Healing Product Creator (Sacred Orgonite)