An Intuitive Video Reading to Win At Life

Popular questions from my clients are:

  • Is (s)he good for me? How will this relationship pan out?
  • What's my life path? I don't have any passions. (hint: yes you do, I'll help you find that out!)
  • I'm retiring, what should I do next?
  • I want to start this new business, tell me everything I need to know.
  • I want to move. Where are the best places for me?
  • How do I connect better with my kid/ boss/spouse/family member?

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Our Most Popular Reading! Find clarity and direction ... 


Need some help with a decision? 

I can help!


A layered intuitive reading video to guide you using:



✨Oracle cards

✨Lenormand, Kipper and Tarot cards

BaZi charts



Readings are delivered as a pre-recorded edited video that you can watch again and again. 


You'll love it! Just read my testimonials...


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* date of birth

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* location of birth

* questions or themes for your reading


Intuitive Reading Video


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