Distance Energy Healing

A distance energy healing video by Trina to release stagnant energy and make way for new abundant, happy energy into your auric field.

Helps with grief, anger and induces a feeling of happy Zen.

Discuss any information from your session with your physician or naturopath doctor.

Distance Healing Video


Intuitive energy medicine for healing....


A personal pre-recorded video with chakra balancing using Lemurian, Reiki, Sound and Crystal Healing techniques.  I work mostly with the Angels for your healing session at 963 hz frequency.


All you have to do is lie down and listen, and let the healing bbegin.


********  not available for people with pace-makers or in first trimester of pregnancy  ********  


Please include at checkout:

  • Your date of birth, location and time (if known)
  • Any specific ailments you'd like help with
Distance Healing Video