Aura Cleanse Distance Energy Healing

A distance energy healing video using angel therapy and chakra healing to cleanse, release stress energy and clear the way for new abundant, happy energy into your auric field.  


Helps with grief, anger and induces a feeling of happy Zen.


Please discuss any information from your session with your physician or naturopath doctor.

Distance Energy Healing Video


Intuitive medicine for healing....


A distance healing session sent as your personal pre-recorded video to balance your chakras using Lemurian, Angel therapy, Reiki, Sound and Crystal Healing techniques. 


Here's what your personal healing video can do for you:


* Stress removal

* Intuition (3rd Eye) Opener

* Courage inducer

* Negative energy removal

* Feelings of Zen and peace


All you have to do is lie down and listen, and let the healing begin.

Lifetime access to your video so you can watch again and again.


********  not available for people with pace-makers or in first trimester of pregnancy  ********  


Please include at checkout:

  • Your date of birth, location and time (if known)
  • Any specific ailments you'd like help with


Distance Energy Healing Video