Health Reading with Distance Healing

An intuitive health reading video with a distance energy healing audio component.


I review your BaZi charts and use medical astrology to pinpoint areas for healing. Please discuss any recommendations with your medical physician.

*Health Reading Video + Distance Healing


Heal Yourself Naturally: Get to the root of your health ailments using energy healing...


Filled with intuitive guidance, useful healing techniques and a personal distance energy healing audio at the end.


We use BaZi and Feng Shui charts, astrology, and aura scanning to assess the issues and offer intuitive strategies for natural healing. Good in conjunction with Western medicine, so keep in touch with your doctor until you are healthy enough to go off the prescription medications.


Pre-recorded Personal Health Video with Energy Healing: 

an in-depth intuitive pre-recorded video that you can watch again and again! Filled with energy healing, metaphysics, astrology and oracle card information. A personal chakra balancing energy healing audio at the end. 


********  not available for people with pace-makers or in first trimester of pregnancy  ********  


Please include at checkout:

  • Your date of birth, location and time (if known)
  • Specific ailments you'd like help with


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Intuitive Health Reading + Distance Healing Audio


i ❤ education:

  • Traditional Usui Reiki 1st Degree Practitioner  (Ascension Healing Arts)
  • BaZi & QiMen Dun Jia Practitioner (Master Joey Yap™)
  • Certified Angel Card Reader™ (Radleigh Valentine™ with Hayhouse™) 
  • Certified Angelic Mediumship & Mentoring (IAAP™)
  • Blue Seal Medium  (Carmel Joy Baird™) 
  • Oracle Guide School  (Colette Baron-Reid™) 
  • Classical Feng Shui Consultant (Master Joey Yap™)
  • Law of Attraction Practitioner (Dr Joe Vitale)
  • Empowerment & Psychic Development (Kristy Kilik)  
  • Biddy Tarot Reader (Biddy Tarot™)
  • Intuitive Oracle and Mediumship (Kristy Kilik)  
  • Fairyologist & Realm Reader (Doreen Virtue™)  
  • 4th & 5th Class Power Engineer (Alberta Boilers Safety Assoc.)
  • Network Adminstrator (CompTIA™)
  • Certified Angel and Tarot Card Reader™ (IAAP™) 
  • Certified Crystal Reader (Judy Hall)