Spiritual Home Cleanse (Peace River, Alberta, Canada)


Remove negative energy, paranormal activity and bad moods with our spiritual house cleaning package 


Energy can develop in the home and if not taken care of, can manifest into something not-so-comfortable to live with.


Let me help you:

  • Say bye-bye to paranormal activity
  • Let go of trauma, anger and sad feelings
  • Take the next steps and be happy


How it works - The 4 Step Process:


  1. After checkout, I'll contact you so that we can discuss your situation and your goals 
  2. We'll set a date and time for the spiritual home cleanse
  3. I arrive on set date and time  (I use Holy Water from Jordan River, White Sage smoke smudging, Angel therapy, and chakra wand work)
  4. Healing homework will be given to make sure your house stays clean and happy


Spiritual Home Cleanse in Peace River, Alberta, Canada


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