Soul Path Psychic Reading Video

Find out the messages your soul wants to tell you. What is my purpose? What lessons do I need to learn in this lifetime? 


Delivered in a pre-recorded video format that you can watch again and again!

Soul Path Video Reading


What is Your Life Purpose? Messages from your guides for your soul alignment...

 Find out your soul path and the lessons you are here to learn.


• Why was I born? 

• What's my life purpose?

 What are the lessons I need to learn in this lifetime? 

• What are my gifts to the world?


This is an in-depth detailed reading where I use Tarot, Face Reading Lenormand, Clairvoyance, Mediumship, The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle, as well as metaphysical charts (astrology, BaZi, etc) in order to guide you and channel the most accurate messages for you regarding your soul path and life purpose.


I take all the time required for your reading to deliver the most accurate and complete messages possible for your highest good, in order for you to succeed. 


Sent to you as a link to your private pre-recorded video so you can watch your reading again and again. 



• Any burning questions you'd like answers for

• Your date of birth, time of birth and location of birth (if known)


Your information is confidential and will remain absolutely private.


Soul Path Reading Video


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i ❤ education:

  • Certified Angelic Mediumship & Mentoring (IAAP™)
  • Classical Feng Shui Consultant (Master Joey Yap™)
  • Law of Attraction Practitioner (Dr Joe Vitale)
  • Blue Seal Medium  (Carmel Joy Baird™) 
  • Oracle Guide School  (Colette Baron-Reid™) 
  • BaZi & QiMen Dun Jia Practitioner (Master Joey Yap™)
  • Certified Angel Card Reader™ (Radleigh Valentine™ with Hayhouse™) 
  • Traditional Usui Reiki 1st Degree Practitioner  (Ascension Healing Arts)
  • Biddy Tarot Reader (Biddy Tarot™)
  • Intuitive Oracle and Mediumship (Kristy Kilik)  
  • Empowerment & Psychic Development (Kristy Kilik)  
  • Fairyologist & Realm Reader (Doreen Virtue™)  
  • 4th & 5th Class Power Engineer (Alberta Boilers Safety Assoc.)
  • Network Adminstrator (CompTIA™)
  • Certified Angel and Tarot Card Reader™ (IAAP™) 
  • Certified Crystal Reader (Judy Hall)