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* Pisces Video Reading Special *


Are you a Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon or Pisces Ascendant?


Receive a general video reading that you can watch again and again!


Find out what you need to know that is most important at this time. 


For Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon or Pisces Ascendant people only.


(Canadian funds)

Please include date of birth, location of birth and TIME of birth (if known) at checkout.


PIsces Video Reading (personal custom pre-recorded video)


February Romance Reading


Is romance in the air ...


Receive a love video reading that you can watch again and again!

Answering all those burning questions about romance:


 Is 2021 my lucky year for love?

• How and Where can I attract more love opportunities?

• What energy blockages do I need to remove?

• What does (s)he really think of me?

• How to increase happiness with my spouse?

• What other predictions for love do you have for me?

• Where is this relationship going?


Or anything else you might want to ask regarding your love life!


(Canadian funds)

Please include date of birth, and time of birth (if known) at checkout.


February Love Reading (personal custom pre-recorded video)


Self-Love Bundle


Fall in love with yourself! ...


 Here's an energy healing bundle to help you do that.



~ Pre-recorded video reading by Trina with your personal Heart Chakra healing session by Michelle at the end

~ Our signature deck of The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards delivered via Canada Post with a tracking number


(Canadian funds)

Please include date of birth, and time of birth (if known) at checkout.


SELF-LOVE Bundle (Reading video +The Po8 Energy Oracle Cards)


  • 0.45 kg
  • Ships within 3-5 days

All Readings:


My  readings do have some homework that is not mandatory, but definitely recommended.


The more positive shifts in your energy fields, the better. 

Good Vibes = Good Life

i heart continuous learning:

  • Oracle Guide (Colette Baron-Reid)
  • Spiritual Medium (Carmel Joy Baird)
  • Tarot Professional (IAAP)
  • Published Chakra Oracle Cards (The Power of 8)
  • Lenormand Practitioner (World Divination Association)
  • BaZi & Feng Shui Consultant (Dato Joey Yap)
  • Angel Tarot Card Specialist (Radleigh Valentine/Hayhouse)
  • Law of Attraction Practitioner (Joe Vitale ~The Secret~)
  • Energy Healing Product Creator (Sacred Orgonite)