Personal Video Reading

Make "It's complicated" disappear from your vocabulary!


Discover new information and get clear about your career, relationship or upcoming events using Tarot, astrology, BaZi, Oracel cards and guidance from Spirit.

Ask me anything!


Sent as an awesome video with special effects that you can watch again and again!


Link to your video reading will be sent to the email you use at checkout.


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Video Reading


EVP Voice Mediumship Video

Hear real voices from your loved ones coming through!

Healing, guiding words from your loved one beyond the veil to help your with closure and moving forward in your life. 


I use an app created by a medium, for mediums which is a direct phoneline to Heaven... to have a conversation with our loved ones and spirit guides.


*** Watch my first episode of Talking to Heaven series here. ***


In rare cases, I cannot connect with your loved one. (I can refund your money or else trade for other readings and products, your choice.)


Please include 3 questions or topics with the FULL NAME of your loved one at checkout.


EVP Voice Mediumship Video


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