Your World Is About to Make a Whole Lot More Sense

Here’s our menu of Intuitive Readings to help you forecast challenges and opportunities, solve big problems, divine your path and activate a new and improved human experience!


•   You want to solve life problems and wake up feeling some fresh excitement in the morning

•  You’re ready to discover the next level of your soul’s journey

•   You’re ready to tap into energetic alignment while activating your intuitive superpowers and special gifts


These readings are NOT for you if you don’t care about your soul’s mission, you don’t need clarity for big decisions, and you don’t give a sh*t about intuition.


 I’ll help you along your journey with:

  • Chinese metaphysics
  • Western astrology
  • Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle cards
  • Quantum numbers/gematria and,
  • Spiritual mediumship

Recorded Video Readings by Theme:

Budget Friendly Card Readings

Before ordering, please check out my YouTube channel to see if you vibe with me.