Your Life Mission Reading Video

You're Destined For Something Greater...


  • Is this your time?
  • Are you ready for something more?
  • Are you ready to fulfill your mission?
  • Are you ready to thrive, feel renewed and discover your true purpose and joy?


I use a mix of methods in your reading video:  human design, astrology, numerology, cards, BaZi and more, 

to learn and decode the energy imprints you were given at the moment of conception.  


(Knowing how to play the cards you were dealt is my secret superpower)


- Life Path Discoveries: Find out WHAT you came here to do and discover & WHY you came here to do it. 

Course correcting your path for fulfillment, health and love. Get past the programming in order for you to see the potentials

- Grabovoi DNA Code activation for awakening your hidden superpowers and activating your latent DNA strings

- 11 card Pyramid Spread for hidden knowledge and guidance from the Universe


This is truly life changing and this is why it's our signature reading.

This reading is not for the faint of heart; you have to be READY.


  • Link to your private reading video and notes will be sent to your email indicated at checkout.
  • Please include birthdate, year of birth, time of birth and location of birth (if known)


My Life Mission Video Reading


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