Intuitive Video Reading

Enjoy your personal custom-made video reading that you can watch again and again!

I use Tarot/Oracle/Lenormand cards, both Western and Chinese intuitive astrology, mediumship and other psychic techniques to give you a most accurate reading.


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General Reading Custom Video

Clarity to make good decisions ...

Discover answers to love, career, family, what's your soul path or anything in between!

I'm an accurate intuitive energy reader focused on practical solutions you can start today to improve your life's circumstances. 


Sent as a private custom video. Visit my Intuitive Youtube channel to see similar videos.


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General Video Reading


  • Available

SOLD OUT ~ 12 Month Reading

12 Months of energy predictions and prescriptions...

  • Will I find love this year? 
  • Is this a good year to start my business?
  • Will I move?
  • How's my money luck?
  • What about my job? Should I get a new one?
  • When is a favorable time to sell my house? 
  • What's happening with my business?
  • What's going on with my relationship this year? 





  • Understand what's coming up for you for 12 months
  • Avoid difficulties by knowing in advance 
  • Discover what to focus on for success
  • Alter the course of your destiny
  • Manifest awesome things!


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Please include the following in the notes at checkout: 

* your date of birth

* time of birth (if known)

* location of birth 


12 Month Forecast Bundle


  • Sold Out

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