Video Readings

Enjoy your personal custom-made video reading that you can watch again and again!

I use Tarot/Oracle/Lenormand cards, both Western and Chinese intuitive astrology, mediumship and other psychic techniques to give you a most accurate reading.


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Intuitive Guidance Custom Video

Clarity to make good decisions ...

Ask me anything about love, career, family, what's your soul path or anything in between!

I'm an accurate intuitive energy reader focused on practical solutions you can start today to improve your life's circumstances. 


Sent as a private custom video. Visit my Intuitive FX Youtube channel to see similar videos.


***At checkout please include your birth info and describe the situation you'd like me to explore.***


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General Video Reading


  • Available

12 Month Forecast Video + PDF Report

12 Months of energy predictions and prescriptions...


  • Will I find love this year? 
  • Is this a good year to start my business?
  • Will I move this year?
  • How's my money luck?
  • What about my job? Should I get a new one?
  • When is a favorable time to sell my house? 
  • What's happening with my business?
  • What's the likely outcome of the legal proceedings?
  • Are this year's conditions favorable to become pregnant?
  • What's going on with my relationship this year? 





  • Understand what's coming up for you for 12 months
  • Avoid difficulties by knowing in advance 
  • Discover what to focus on for success
  • Alter the course of your destiny
  • Manifest awesome things!


✨Exciting private video that you can watch again and again.

Lifetime access to your video.

Printable PDF report included to follow along! 


(The link to your personal video reading and the PDF report will be emailed to the address indicated at checkout.)


Please include the following in the notes at checkout: 

* your date of birth

* time of birth (if known)

* location of birth 


(Canadian prices)

Personal Yearly Forecast Video + Report


  • Available

Life After Death Custom Video

Find out how they're doing on the other side ...



Your loved one has special, loving messages for you!


* Discover the signs are they sending you

* Find out what they are up to now

* What specific messages do they have to help you move forward in this lifetime.  


Sent as a custom pre-recorded video that you can watch again and again.




Technology has finally caught up with spirit communication.

Hear your loved ones' voices coming through my phone with loving messages for you!

*** Watch how a loving Father talks to his Family on my Youtube video ***




In the notes, please include some info about your loved one (name, relationship, day and month of birth)

This helps me to connect to their energetic vibration.

Also add in any questions you might have for them.


Link to your video reading will be sent to your email.

LIfe After Death Video


  • Available

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