Sold Out: Abalone Shell Goddess Bracelet


Calm and soothe yourself with this beautiful gemstone wrap bracelet featuring:



Created in the sea similar to coral, Abalone provides a protective shield of tranquility all around you.

Induces peace and compassion.

For your Throat, 3rd Eye and Heart chakras



Brings wisdom to you and the inner truth to the surface.

A calming throat chakra stone for teachers, musicians, accountants, home business owners, computer industry workers, and any one who needs to communicate to the public.


Soothes your anxiety, depression, thyroid, throat, muscles, scars and hip joints.



Releases blockages in your energy biofield.

Increases communication and calm feelings.

Soothes your throat, organs and glands.



A happiness stone for your personal growth.

Unleashes gratefulness which attracts more abundance to you!


A very deep healing stone that has been used to relieve some negative effects of chemotherapy.

abalone shell goddess bracelet (Abalone, Chrysocolla & Blue Apatite)


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