Black Sand Beach: Energy Wrap Bracelet


Seascapes Collection

Bring Hawaii to you!
Inspired by Maui and the magical black sands of Waianapanapa.



▫️Lavastone: a very grounding stone, connects to Mother Earth. (The black sand is made of lava)

▫️Abalone: soothing, gentle and beautifully peaceful

▫️Blue Apatite: intuitive and cleansing to the aura

▫️Raw Larimar: found in the Dominican Republic, this special rare gemstone embodies the sea and sky- it promotes calmness, clarity, peace and communication

▫️Raw Kyanite: a powerful gemstone that recharges itself for intuition, auric
cleansing and communication

▫️Smoky Quartz: for grounding and detoxifying

▫️Canadian Jade: for love & new opportunities

▫️Labradorite: promotes psychic abilities, and is protective. Helps during changes in life.

▫️Wood: Releases stress & generates a wise, calming frequency

▫️Spiderweb Jasper: the web shaped patterns remind us that everything is united by beautiful Universal energy.

▫️Rainbow Obsidian: for grounding at the root chakra and protection. Brings much joy to the wearer.

This bracelet is a bit bulkier because of all the gemstones, and because of this, has so much healing power.

Will cause detoxification of the body and it is recommended to drink at least 96 ounces of filtered water per day until you pass the detox phase.

Disclaimer:  Healing Stone meanings are not replacements for medical prescriptions or medical advice.

Handmade in Peace River, Canada

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Black Sand Beach Wrap Bracelet


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