SOLD OUT Enlightenment Orgone Energy Pyramid


~ Luxe Orgonite ™ Lapis Lazuli Pyramid ~


For wisdom, enlightenment and throat chakra healing. The Lapis Lazuli orgone energy pyramid to unleash the Goddess within you!


Protect yourself against negative energies and improve your intuition and clairvoyance.


✨6 Inch Base Orgone Energy Pyramid✨


Orgone energy benefits:


• Extreme plant growth

• EMF protection against WiFi, cellular and electronic frequencies that stress our health

• Sky Chemtrail busting, and weather balancing

• Increases Intuition and Psychic abilities including telekinesis 

(Check out my YouTube videos for info on that)


I’m seeing most of the orgonite online doesn’t have enough metal to make

it work. 

This is a real orgonite pyramid that works. Not just a pretty paper weight!


Also glows in the dark!


Gemstones include lapis lazuli, Larimar, peridot, rose quartz, amethyst, blue agate, clear quartz, Lemurian crystal, Selenite and shunghite.


Metal includes brass, aluminum, iron, steel and copper.


For protection against 5G and also for intuition development. To see clearly through illusions and for your spiritual ascension. 


Created by me, Trina, a Canadian Intuitive Energy Healing Advisor with a background in computer networking and power engineering. 


I’ve been making orgone devices since 2010, based on the research of Dr Wilhelm Reich and The American College of Orgonomy.


Balances your internal and external energy fields. 


Helps others around you to improve their vibrational frequency as well, and the vibration of your neighbourhood!


Measures approximately 15 cm wide and 15 cm tall.



I ship fast via Canada Post with a tracking number for your peace of mind. 


Lapis Lazuli Luxe Orgonite ™ Pyramid


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