Mini Parasite Orgone Zapper

SOLD OUT: Mini Orgone Zapper

Are you tired?
Skin problems?
Get sick too often?
Low energy?

Get your beautiful Goddess Glow back with this ultra mini zapper that kills parasites, fungi, viruses, and bad bacteria ... to help you look and feel your BEST!

Parasites and viruses are eating your life force!
The nutrients that could be nourishing your cells, are being consumed by pesky little organisms causing you all sorts of problems.


Ewww gross right? Kill them all!
These aren’t approved for use by any government bodies, and are a holistic tool for alternative medicine, like essential oils or crystals or Reiki.  I do not give medical advice and zapping should not be a replacement for seeking medical advice from a certified doctor.

I LOVE my mini zapper and I wear it all day under my bra ...and all night!

The offending viruses, parasites and fungus are eradicated by a tiny electrical current that leaves the rest of your body healthy. The current's frequency targets little buggers!
* When cold season hits, I am immune.
* My skin looks great and I feel super energized which is important for my client intuitive spiritual readings.

* I feel lighter, brighter and sometimes I poop out what looks like tapeworms...very ewwwwww
The full benefits of zapping will reveal themselves over a time span of a year but you will get astonishing 1st results within the first few days when it kills the parasites and viruses floating around in your BLOOD.

The year thing is because some viruses are very deep inside our cells and will take time to zap. (Like the Epstein-Barr virus for example. )
Certain Fungi exist in layers and also will take some time to fully zap.
This zapper has Orgone crystal therapy built into it, the same technology as pyramids, and this mini zapper continues to heal the body after the parasites are eradicated...after the die-off period.

Runs on a 9 volt battery.

Although considered safe for pregnant women...i still don’t recommend pregnant women using it. (Just in case) as the parasite die-off period might make her feel yucky. To me, pregnant Goddesses are already tired and don’t need more stuff to deal with.

For the non-pregnant people, this is the most advanced mini zapper available on the market today.

Start feeling vibrant! Better health means joy!
 You will feel amazing once those pesky parasites and viruses are DEAD.


I only have a few of these zappers, get yours before they're all gone!

Mini Orgone Zapper


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