The Metatron Orgone Energy Charging Plate


8.5" Orgone Energy Accumulator Device 

Place your jug of water, coffee, and crystals on top for healing prana infusion. 

For those who like to see what’s inside their Orgone energy devices. 

Glows blue in the dark for added interest!



Cured under a Virgo New Moon, to ground your auric field, and add motivation and prosperous energy. 


It’s based on the original research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, the late Don Croft, and The American College of Orgonomy. 

Using the Piezoelectricity principle, the Orgone device accumulates healing Orgone energy from the atmosphere for physical health and intuition.


* Provides EMF protection from wi-Fi, electronic and cellphone negative energies.

* Enjoy accelerated spiritual benefits including intuition, clairvoyance and telekinesis.

* Makes plants grow fast and lush.


The sacred symbol of Metratron in the center (which contains all 5 Platonic Solids, symbolizing the geometric patterns found throughout our universe) is lovingly surrounded by Clear Quartz from Australia, Blue Agate, Purple Amethyst, Shunghite, Rose Quartz, Selenite and beautiful Aquamarine  � 


I combine a variety of metals (steel, copper, iron and brass) in a correct ratio for Orgone energy accumulation.




Clear Quartz: “I Understand”- Crown chakra balancing to reveal new opportunities that were hidden. Amplifies the accumulation of Orgone energy from the atmosphere

Amethyst: “I See” - 3rd eye intuitive acceleration.

Shunghite: “I Am.” - Root chakra clearing for grounding, stability & security. 

Cleanses the aura of negative energetic influences.

Rose Quartz: “I Love” - Heart Chakra balancing to help you love yourself and see your true value


I’m Trina, an Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Medium & Classical Feng Shui energy consultant with a power engineering & computer networking background.

I’ve been creating Orgone energy balancing products since 2010. My goal is to assist you in ascending your internal and external energy vibrations for a better life.


This Orgone Plate measures approx 8.5 inches diameter



For more information on Orgone energy and its benefits, please visit our education page.



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Metatron Clear 8.5" Orgone Charging Plate


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learn more on our Orgone Education Page.

Our Orgone energy generators produce a healing energy to help plants grow, increase intuitive abilities, bring better health, protect against electromagnetic frequencies and dissipate chemtrails in the sky.