Luxe Orgonite™

Orgone Energy Collection

Pretty yet practical orgone energy pyramids, plates, pendants and Orgonite™devices for well-being and abundance in all forms.

Accumulates healing orgone energy from the atmosphere for EMF protection, plant growth, charging crystals and water, health improvements and heightened intuitive abilities.

orgone pyramids

Did you know that wi-fi and cellphone energy disrupts your brain activity? Check out our Orgone generating pyramids for protection and chakra healing.

orgone charging plates

Charge & cleanse your water, crystals & auric field with these unique orgone plates.  Protect yourself against wi-Fi and cell phone EMF.

featured orgone devices

orgone pendants

Beautiful powerful orgone energy pendants for protection, health and happiness.  Now your healing orgone generator is portable!

artisan orgonite

In a category all of their own.  These are art pieces with healing orgone energy functionality!

orgone education

learn more on our Orgone Education Page.

Our Orgone energy generators produce a healing energy to help plants grow, increase intuitive abilities, bring better health, protect against electromagnetic frequencies and dissipate chemtrails in the sky.