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Orgone Energy Daiquiri Device


Now you can have your energy healing orgone generated from a beautifully displayed daiquiri glass!


Orgone Energy benefits:


◽️increases intuitive abilities

◽️balances your chakras

◽️improves plant growth

◽️releases negative energy from your biofield

◽️protects against EMF from cellphones, TV and Wi-Fi

◽️heightens spiritual awareness

◽️increases synchronicity, (the magical events in your life)

◽️promotes positivity and Zen: feelings of love, joie-de-vivre & gratitude

◽️ignites lucid and clairvoyant dreams

◽️improves relationship dynamics

◽️gently encourages you to follow your truth


what's inside:


◽️copper-wrapped Lemurian seed crystal ethically mined from Brazil

◽️gold & copper flake

◽️rose quartz, raw amethyst, quartz geode, tesla coil, brass fortune coin, dead sea salt, Himalyan rock salt, mica mineral

◽️assorted metal for the orgone generating matrix including brass and steel

◽️doTERRA hospital grade essential oil (rose oil, ylang ylang, cedarwood & lavender)

◽️Reiki energy infusion, Solfeggio infusion


Some of the main gemstones include:


Clear Quartz: “I Understand”- Crown chakra balancing to reveal new opportunities that were hidden. Amplifies the accumulation of Orgone energy from the atmosphere


Amethyst: “I See” - 3rd eye intuitive acceleration. Provides clarity and vision towards your goals and dreams. Can greatly help with insomnia.


Shunghite: “I Am.” - Root chakra clearing for grounding, stability & security. 

Cleanses the aura of negative energetic influences.


Rose Quartz: “I Love” - Heart Chakra balancing to help you love yourself and see your true value



I’m Trina, an Intuitive Guide, Spritual Medium & Classical Feng Shui energy consultant with a power engineering & computer networking background.

I’ve been creating Orgone energy balancing products since 2010. 

You can find me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and on the web.


My goal is to assist you in ascending your internal and external energy vibrations for a better life.











Daiquiri Style Orgone Energy Device


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sorry *all gone* dragonite + reading

He’s a cute hatching baby dragon who is actually a powerful Orgone Generating device for:


✨ EMF protection from 

 wi-fi, cellphones & electronics

✨ plant growth

✨physical health

✨protection from getting sick

✨protection from psychic attack

✨ignition of psychic gifts

✨restful sleep

✨clairvoyant dreams

✨communication with others & the Divine (your angels, spirit guides, God & human beings)

✨calmness to relieve anxiety

✨chakra balancing 

✨crystal and water cleansing & charging 


 The new owner of baby Vicus also receives an intuitive reading recorded on video sent to your email address


Baby Vicus is a one-of-a-kind! 

You won’t find anything like him anywhere else.


I know this because I made my own MOLDS in order to create him, this super cute and loveable baby dragon orgonite!


Orgone Generating matrixes are built into both baby Vicus ... as well as his egg:


* rose quartz

* shunghite

* brass

* gold

* amethyst

* lemurian crystal

* aventurine

* clear quartz

* amazonite 

* black tourmaline


Orgone energy is also commonly called Chi or Prana. It has no mass and was first discovered by Dr Wilhelm Reich in the 1900s who used Orgone energy for healing his patients.


Orgone generation has been fine tuned in the 2000s using various crystals for specific healing qualities.


The crystals I use are specific for:


- Love & Nurturing

- Healing the etheric, physical & energetic bodies

- Protection


I am a spiritual medium and infused Reiki energy into baby Vicus as well as used Solfeggio frequency music and hospital grade essential oils during creation.


Since crystals each have their own resonance, their own soul, they have combined together to make a new energy. Baby Vicus energy. 

He would make a great gift but I’ll be honest - once you receive him you won’t want to give him away.


*** The new owner of baby Vicus also receives an intuitive reading recorded on video sent to your email address. ***


This device helps to maintain and protect your energetic biofield.

Please consult with a doctor regarding your physical health. I make no claims.

What I can tell you is that orgone energy makes you feel nice and calm, ignites plant growth, and we hardly ever get sick in our household.


Visit my website page:  orgone energy education.


Sending you love & light,


baby dragonite orgone generator + intuitive reading


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sorry *all gone* wine glass orgonite + chakra charms


Now you can have your energy healing orgone generated from a beautifully displayed wine glass!

Includes a set of 5 gemstone healing wine glass charms.



Wine Glass Orgone Generator with 5 chakra bead charms


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