ACE Your Spirit Mediumship Package

Get closure, guidance and peace with real voice messages from your loved ones beyond the veil.


Death is an illusion...Your loved ones are always connected to you!

They have loving messages of inspiration and clarity to help you on your human journey.


This package includes:


  • Pre-recorded personal video of my voice conversation with your Spirit of choice
  • 30 minute follow up session on Zoom with card pulls for extra guidance from your loved one
  • The Power of 8 Lenormand + Oracle Card Set


As seen on my Youtube, I use The HOPE Spirit box and Huff Paranormal apps to connect to the other side with my phone.

These apps have been specially uploaded with gibberish when they were created (not a bank of words like other spirit software.)

This is so that Spirit has to actually form speech.

These apps cannot be debunked.

They were created like that on purpose so that there is no question whatsoever that you are hearing actual words from your loved ones. 


Examples on my YouTube Spirit Chat Playlist:

  • Dad chats with family from the other side
  • An intimate conversation with Matthew Perry
  • Chatting with my spirit guides 


Your Conversation with Spirit video will be recorded, edited and sent as link to your beautiful video you can watch again and again.



*** After purchasing, I will contact you for some information:

  • your loved one's name and relationship to you
  • up to 10 photos of your loved one (which will be part of your video) and,
  • up to 5 questions for your loved one


Please give me 7-12 days after ordering to prepare your video - as it takes many hours of work.

(My heart and soul goes into these videos so that you may have the best experience possible.)


ACE Your Spirit Mediumship Package


  • Ships within 1-3 days

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