My Favorite Healing Products

Some of my favorite intuitive items that you can buy on Amazon!

Ribes Nigrum

Ribes Nigrum is a black currant extract that supports your adrenal glands.  


Can help with: 

allergies, chronic head colds, asthma, bronchitis, gastritis, emphysema, migraines, arthritis, prostate problems, Addison's disease, adrenal atrophy and infections.

Learn Lemurian Healing

Said to be 10 times more powerful than Reiki! This short-and-sweet book really is amazing and I use some of the strategies for my client healing sessions.

Vitamin D3 drops

Almost every single person in North America is deficient of Vitamin D during the winter season.  


I recommend 10 of these drops per day to start. 

1 drop = 1,000 IUs


(10,000 IUs a day isn't that much, since the body produces 10,000-25,000 IUs for half an hour in summer sunshine.)


WARNING: Toxicity can possibly occur at 40,000 IUs a day.

So stay under 20 vitamin D drops to be safe.

Liver Detoxification

The liver holds alot of trauma and anger energy.  Nurture your hardworking cleansing organ with the Wild Rose Liver detox at least once per year.

The Quantum Oracle

Newest Oracle deck by Sandra Ann Taylor. Her first deck is my favourite of all,

and this one is fast becoming tied for number one. (Click image to purchase on amazon)

White Sage Smudging is an ideal way to cleanse energy fields. Feel lighter, healthier and happier. Reduces quarrels at home!

The Bach Flower Natural Health Remedy is easy! Just a few drops under your tongue for physical energy balancing.

An empowering animal oracle deck with stunning imagery!

The Universe talks to us in signs and symbols.  This is My go-to guidebook for any animal that crosses my path.

My favorite Lenormand oracle deck (so far)

Uses the frequency of color as guidance. I love this deck!

Ooooh this feels so good at night.

I get better sleeps and all the energy of the day is grounded to the earth.

Kipper is a new oracle system that I've been practicing that deals with relationships and thoughts.

As usual, Ciro Marchetti doesn't disappoint with this one!

This tarot deck is just so pretty, with stunning imagery.

yet still keeping (mostly) in alignment with the traditional Rider-Waite system.

I love anything by Lucy Cavendish.  This deck is soooooo beautiful.