Free Weekly Energy Forecasts

Sunday February 16 to Tuesday February 18, 2020

Intuitive Energy Forecast for Sunday February 16 to Tuesday February 18

✨ Sun in Aquarius ♏️ (air)

✨ Moon in Sagittarius ♍️ (fire)

✨ 3 of Spears (wands)

✨ Mercury Goes Retrograde

For the beginning of the week, adventure and freedom will be on our minds. 

Both Aquarius and Sag dislike emotional “neediness” and would rather create and manifest success.

The 3 of Spears (Wands/Rods) reveals that dreams begin to take form. 

A new project, romance or trip begins as an idea (Aquarius), and while (Sagittarius) energy makes us want to impulsively and adventurously go for it, (Mercury in Retrograde) says WAIT to do anything big until after it goes direct March 10th.

AFFIRMATION: “I let my quirky talents shine through creative projects or sports until after Mercury Retrograde.”