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Saturday May 30 - Sunday May 31, 2020

Saturday May 30 - Sunday May 31, 2020

🎵 ‘Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar... 🎵

  • Sun in Gemini ♊️ (air)
  • Moon in Virgo ♍️ (earth)
  • Nine of Gabriel

The Gemini sun and Virgo moon combination of energy makes us feel a bit restless and intellectual.

We will seek knowledge and have the desire to analyze.

The energy is playful and positive. We will be interested in helping others. 

Some people will feel a lack of confidence and turn to alcohol for some “liquid courage.”

The 9 of Gabriel from Radleigh Valentine’s Archangel Tarot deck announces:

“Stay determined and move forward! Be prepared for any possibility. 

Don’t over-analyze or be overly critical. 

Get out in nature, do some gardening, take a scenic walk outdoors...

This will help to ground and relax you. And will naturally increase your confidence.”

Enjoy your weekend!💕

Helping You Navigate Life’s Energies

Thursday May 28 - Friday May 29, 2020

Thursday May 28 - Friday May 29, 2020
* Sun in Gemini ♊️ (air)
* Moon in Leo ♌️ (fire)
* Queen of Ariel (Coins)
That Leo fire influence is feeding the air Gemini, which makes for party, party! 
Our sense of humor comes out, the fun and imaginative sides of us, as well as us wanting to be “the center of attention.”
Gatherings will take place. 
So bring a bottle of wine or a food item to share.
We want to be admired and appreciated for our good wit and communication. 
This is a good time for public speaking (making a youtube video perhaps) and writing.
Just be careful not to overdo it on the sarcasm!
The Queen Of Ariel is beautiful, fun and happy. She’s generous too. So this is about nurturing yourself and the others you love.
It’s about enjoying all the good things in life. Release any stress or worry. 
Listen to any good advice that comes your way, and lighten up with your friends and family. 💕
Helping You Navigate Life’s Energies