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Wednesday May 12 - Friday May 14, 2021

🎵The Gambler by Kenny Rogers🎵

* Sun in Taurus ♉️ (earth)

* Moon in Gemini ♊️ (air)

* 1 CUNNING WOMAN (The Faery Forest by Lucy Cavendish)

Wayne Dyer, Willie Nelson, Sigmund Freud, Roy Orbison and Stephen Colbert are Taurus celebrities with their Moons in Gemini.

The planet Venus rules Taurus which means the arts, a nice voice, music 🎼and beauty. 

Mercury is the quick-moving planet of thinking and communication and rules Gemini.

So you can see how the energy of these few days is restless and “smarty-pants-artsy-fartsy” ... 

with maybe a touch of witty sarcasm.

This is a good time to solve problems. It’s could be a good time to write a song.

There will likely be a need to ground ourselves. 

Walking barefoot in the grass is an easy-peazy and quick way to ground ourselves.


Although Gemini energy wants to talk and take action, now is actually the time to watch quietly and gain wisdom.

Like The Gambler, “you gotta know when to hold ‘em”.

Let everything drop away. 

You’ll begin to see the truth and what is really happening uncoloured by story,  imagination and interpretation. 

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