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Thursday March 19 - Saturday Mar 21, 2020

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Thursday March 19 - Saturday March 21, 2020




• Happy Birthday Aries!!

• Spring Equinox

• Moon in Aquarius

• Happy International Astrology Day (March 19)


We usher in Spring Equinox!


Happy Birthday Aries!

Aries is the beginning of the zodiac.

The leader.

The first in line.

A willful fire sign that produces action and motivation.


The intuitive and knowledgeable Moon in Aquarius offers a new hope and progression for humanity.

A greater perspective.


An air sign that uses intellectual and big picture prowess.


In the darkness glows a light; it begins as a sliver but,

soon its brilliance will dazzle you.

In experiencing these times which seem to defeat you, one thing is certain:


This Too Shall Pass.


Emerging from the dark, you come into the light of knowledge on a higher vibration

Knowing All is Well.


Affirmation: My mind, body and soul remember to look for the sliver of light

that always appears in times of darkness.