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If you're like us at The Moon Tree, then you must love the Law of Attraction!


Here, we analyze energy and harness the good vibes to prosper & thrive.


You’re at the right place if you’re ready to heal, manifest abundance,

find opportunity (where others think there's none!) and win at life

using the power of energy and intuition.

All the things for manifesting an ideal outcome!

Includes: a custom orgone energy pyramid, The Power of 8 Chakra oracle cards and, an Intuitive energy reading video (link to your video will be ... (Read More)

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You can start to attract money, love and good health today by working with the energy in your home or business.

Life is a series of choices.


Discover an intuitive energy reading to guide you, heal you, find direction, make the right decisions and celebrate yourself along the way.

take the law of attraction to the next level.


Our healing orgone energy tools raise your vibration, attract abundance, remove blockages and protect your energy fields. 

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Orgone Energy Coaster for Heart Chakra


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Is it time for the big change?

Map out your life path to find clarity and direction in a new fulfilling home based business using the power of metaphysics.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

― Søren Kierkegaard 



Monday September 20 - Sunday September 26 

The Full Moon is on Monday and Libra season starts Wednesday!
Find out what the energies mean for us as a collective in this video.

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Trina is an energy reader, The Power of 8 oracle card author, educator, mother of 2 boys and magical manifestor since 2010.


She empowers you to enter the path of awakening and evolve into the expression of your soul’s true intent.


Trina guides women to heal, manifest, celebrate their full potential and make good decisions using metaphysics, intuitive guidance and orgone energy tools.