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Wouldn’t you agree that creating your ideal future is much better than leaving it to fate?


Let me help you transform the energies that surround you with intuitive energy coaching and our Moon Tree energy tools & products. 


This will help you to move forward so that you will have a healthy, balanced and happy life.


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intuitive consultations

Gain clarity, make the right decisions and attract new opportunities. Intuitive guidance for transformation of the mind, body and soul. Intuitive consulting to remove the internal and external blockages. Pave the way for success! ✨ 

energy products & chakra tools

Healing Rocks!  

Raise your vibe with orgonite pyramids, gemstone chakra jewelry products and other crystal healing tools for protection and manifestation.✨ 

featured products:

*The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards*
  Chakrify Yourself! The POWER of 8 chakra oracle cards are triple healing:   1) balances 8 major chakras including the Soul Star chakra 2) offers intuitive guidance 3) includes affirmations to attract happines ... (Read More)
From $33.00

featured readings:

* Couples Reading Video *
  How can we make our relationship amazing and long lasting?    * An in-depth intuitive pre-recorded video that you can watch again and again with your spouse. (Since it's a video, there is no feeling of judgement or a couns ... (Read More)

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