The Magic of Energy Healing

Welcome beautiful You:

Forget all the negative programming you grew up with. You are WORTHY of love and everything else that brings you JOY.

You deserve to BE FREE to achieve all your goals and dreams!


Transform your inner and external energies to start a new, exciting chapter and manifest an amazing, happy life!


Intuitive Guide

Luxe Orgonite ™ & Chakra Product Creator

Metaphysics Consultant

Law of Attraction Practitioner

Featured Energy Healing Products:

*The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards: Pre-Launch Sa
  Chakrify Yourself! The POWER of 8 chakra oracle cards are triple healing:   1) balances 8 major chakras including the Soul Star 2) intuitive guidance 3) affirmations to attract happiness and success   ... (Read More)
Abalone Shell Orgonite ™ Pendant: Boho Style Gold-
  Created with intuitive progression, energetic protection and spiritual ascension in mind...   This powerful gold-plated Tree of Life Abalone shell Orgonite pendant:   + Includes padded gift box + The O ... (Read More)
Amethyst Orgonite Radionics Coaster for Energy Hea
  Supercharge your intuitive and spiritual energies with this happy radionics Orgone energy device!   Place your beverage on top for a few minutes for a quick boost, charge and cleanse your crystals, and place on sore spots ... (Read More)

Featured Intuitive Guidance Readings:

"What is my next action to manifest my ideal life?"


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Crystal Healing

Healing Rocks!


Crystal healing jewelry, energy healing products & Reiki tools for balancing your energetic biofield.


Harness the healing frequencies of chakra stone jewelry, gemstone products and larger rock and crystal specimens for balancing your personal energy fields, chakras & aura. ❤


Intuitive Guide

Assessment, guidance and intuitive strategies to turn energy in your favor and manifest an ideal outcome.


Intuitive guidance for assessment, clarity and transformation. 


Clairvoyance, BaZi, Feng Shui, Oracle Cards, Astrology, Aura scanning, Mediumship, Angel therapy & more for energetic healing of the mind, body and soul. ❤ 

Luxe Orgonite™

Check out the Luxe Orgonite ™ Collection:  Powerful protection and balancing of your inner and outer environment.

Energy healing & EMF protection from cellphones, WiFi and electronics.


Orgone pyramids, pendants, plates and artsy orgone energy devices.

Handmade in Canada: The Moon Tree has been creating ethreal orgone energy devices since 2010.