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2023 is The Year of the Water Rabbit with many opportunities waiting for you. Check out the video forecast here!

The palm is an energy chart of your skills and destiny in this lifetime.

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Once you bend a spoon you‘re a different person.

Suddenly you realize the true power of the mind!

Meet Your Host

Hello! My name is Trina, sending you an energy healing hug from Peace River in Canada.


I’m your intuitive guide with a scientific side.


From seeing spirits since I was a child, to working in the power engineering and computer fields, to oracle/tarot cards, astrology and spoon bending on our 

Intuitive YouTube channel ... 

my interest in all things energy has been lifelong.


My greatest joy is helping you discover the magic within you. You can bravely take the next step, find direction and make life happy! 


When we strengthen our relationship with energy, we can command so much more for this lifetime.