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Readings, Spirit Guides, Oracle cards & Orgonite for a better timeline.

Intuitive Readings

Guidance, love and healing of your timeline … with help from The Cards, Stars and Spirit. 

Online reading videos, and live via Zoom.

The Power of 8 Cards

Canadian chakra oracle cards for inspiration, guidance, affirmations and energy healing all-in-one!

Also available as an app

Luxe Orgonite ™

Increase your intuition, promote spiritual growth and surround your family with good energy using our handmade orgonite pyramids and assorted orgone energy tools.

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A private Facebook group designed for learning more about The Cards & Stars, connecting with Spirit, growing in our intuition (and for special readings that you won't find on my website.)

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 Harness the Magic Within You!

Helping You Navigate Life's Energies

Hello! My name is Trina, sending you a very warm welcome from Peace River, Alberta, Canada.


I would love to help you move forward in your spiritual journey.

  • I’m an energy intuitive & metaphysics practitioner
  • mother of 2 boys
  • oracle card expert, author and,
  • spirit connector and educator.

I’m your intuitive guide with a scientific side.


From seeing spirits since I was a child, to working in the power engineering and computer fields,

to spoon bending on my YouTube channel ... 

my interest in all things energy has been lifelong.


My greatest joy is helping you align to high vibe energies on your timeline and discover joy, healing and purpose while kicking fear to the curb.


When we strengthen our relationship with energy, we can command so much more for this lifetime!