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Intuitive Psychic Readings • Luxe Orgonite™ • Chakra Balancing Jewelry

Hello Beautiful You:

I'm Trina, your intuitive guide with a scientific side!

I live in Peace River, Alberta, Canada and I will help you no matter where you live in the world. 

Intuitive readings, orgone energy products and chakra balancing jewelry, to help you heal, empower and ascend you to the next happiest level of life.

Featured Products:

orgone pendant

The Tree of Life Luxe Orgonite ™ pendant accumulates and generates orgone energy from the atmosphere for energetic protection and balancing. 

psychic intuitive video

A pre-recorded intuitive video reading that you will want to watch again and again! Your strategic roadmap for better health, love and abundance.

baby dragonite

Meet Ryu, the Baby Dragon orgone energy device for health benefits, EMF protection, spiritual protection and growth.

Intuitive Healing

  • Online Intuitive Readings for event predictions, relationship compatibility, and spiritual coaching to gain clarity on love, career, relationships, and health.
  • Energy Healing Sessions now available. If you’re dealing with depression, suicidal thoughts, spiritual attachments or possession, anger, alien tracking devices or anything else that just feels wrong, I can help you!

Chakra Gemstone Healing

Chakra gemstone jewelry, crystals & Reiki Energy Healing Products for internal auric field balancing. 

Crystal energy healing that's handmade in Canada.

Luxe Orgonite™ Collection

Luxe Orgonite ™ Collection

Orgone Energy Accumulator / Generator Devices for balancing the energy fields of yourself and your environment.


Handmade orgone pyramids, orgonite plates, orgone energy pendants and tools for healing and EMF protection.

Free Psychic Things

Free courses, intuitive and telekinesis videos, monthly and weekly energy forecasts, intuitive articles, horoscopes and much more!

intuitive guide with a scientific side...

Ever since I was a little girl, I could see Spirits and other kinds of energy ... and buried all that under the rug.   Now I know the real reason I went the scientific route including power engineering and computer networking...


    It was to learn about energy.


Everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Some is caught deep down in ourselves as residual emotional energy from trauma and grief.


This creates blockages in clarity, health and happiness.

I'm now embracing my intuitive side full force.  It's called Quantum Energy Healing; balancing the energy that surrounds us and within us, to help improve our lives and ascend spiritually.

Let me help you discover all the magic within you!