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I am Trina, helping you navigate life’s energies and succeed in career, love, wealth and health with intuitive readings and energy healing tools.

I am from a long line of educators, entrepreneurs, teachers and intuitives - I've inherited gifts from both my paternal and maternal blood lines.

Guidance and healing is waiting for you.


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Energy Updates to Crush It and Win!

January Full Moon Forecast

From Aries to Pisces find out what this intuitive full moon means for your home and family!

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Weekly Energy Forecast

Monday Jan 17 - Sun Jan 23

+ Full Moon in Cancer ♋ 

+ Aquarius Season Begins!

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January 2022 Forecasts

+ From Aries to Pisces, find out what January holds for you! 

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January 2022 Feng Shui 

+ Check out the best places to hang out in your house in January!

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2022 Predictions

+  A video to educate and inspire you during these strange and uncertain times.

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2022 Year of Water Tiger Predictions 

+ Transportation, Tech & Crypto

+ Weather and Space

+ Protests, Civil unrest

+ A Focus on Learning

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About Trina ~ Your Canadian Intuitive Guide

Trina is an Aquarius Sun with a Cancer Moon, Yang Wood Daymaster and Year of the Snake.


She has worked with energy all her life and grew up within the Christian faith. 


From seeing spirits as a childto becoming a power engineer educator and computer network administrator … to telekinesis spoon bending on YouTube.


She's author of The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards, Certified Moonologer ™️ with Yasmin Boland, Oracle University alumni with Colette Baron-Reid, orgonite energy toolmaker since 2010, Chinese metaphysics consultant with Master Dato Joey Yap, Spiritual Astrologer, energy healer and mother of 2 amazing boys.


Trina’s greatest joy is harnessing the magic within you to co-create a happy, abundant life with the Universe and our Divine Spirit Team.


You can find her on: