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The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards

DIY readings, affirmations and energy healing all-in-one.

Also available as an app!

Intuitive Guidance Readings with Trina

Accurate, healing guidance for the confidence and clarity you need to make those big life decisions.

Luxe Orgonite ™ Pyramids & Tools

Increase your intuition and protect your auric field with our handmade healing orgonite pyramids and energy tools.

Our Intuitive Community is a private Facebook group designed for learning more about The Cards & Stars, growing in our intuition and extra readings you won't find on my website. 

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Monday May 16 - Sunday May 22

+ Happy Birthday Gemini ♊️  

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Are You a Winner in June?

Look at the description in the YouTube video for spoilers and to jump to your sign!

Intuitive May Horoscopes

Find out how to attract abundance and joy this month, as well as learning about the partial Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde for May!

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Hello! My name is Trina, sending you a very warm welcome to you from Peace River, Alberta in Canada.


I 'm an intuitive energy reader, oracle card author and educator.


Since seeing Spirit as a child, to working in the power engineering and computer fields, practicing astrology and Chinese metaphysics, to spoon bending on my YouTube channel, my interest in all things energy has been lifelong.


Maybe it's my Aquarius 9th house placements, or maybe its my Yang Wood personality, but I sure love to teach and consult.


Everything is energy.

My greatest joy is helping others align to high vibe energies to find joy and purpose.


When we strengthen our relationship with energy, we can command so much more for this lifetime!


 Harness the Magic Within You