The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an oracle card deck that does it all?

The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle cards are a unique system that offers:


• Positive Affirmations

• Energy Assessment

• Intuitive Guidance

• Energy Healing

• partnerships with other card systems (Lenormand, Tarot, Oracle, etc)


The rose gold sided chakra cards are in landscape and some are in portrait mode for added interest.


*** Companion app for iOs and Android coming soon!

Affirmations • Intuitive Guidance • Energy Healing

Watch The Power of 8 chakra oracle card deck in action!

*The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards*


Chakrify Yourself! The POWER of 8 chakra oracle cards are triple healing:


1) balances 8 major chakras including the Soul Star chakra

2) offers intuitive guidance

3) includes affirmations to attract happiness & success


Why it's called The POWER of 8 Chakra Oracle:

  • 8 is the number of chakras we will focus on. The Soul Star chakra affiliated with Archangel Metratron is on the back of each card for an extra healing bonus!
  • The wise Council of 8 helped us to create this chakra oracle deck -  they're excited about humanity uplifting our energy vibration
  • 8 is the number of karma, abundance and self-esteem in both Chinese and Western metaphysics. So, it's a success number for everyone.


These oracle cards are VERY unique, as they are all original paintings and creations - no computer generated imagery here!

Some cards are in landscape and some are vertical for added interest!


Infused with creativity, love and healing energy, these oracle cards are meant to guide you, uplift your energetic vibration, and take you to the next level in your spiritual ascension.


  • Comes with a gorgeous magnetic box, and the oracle cards have rose gold edges. (we like pretty)
  • Includes a guidebook in color, if you'd like to go deeper into the meaning of each card with simple spreads you can try.
  • Includes a chakra chart inside the box so you know what each chakra does.


We are proud and excited to share the next level of your spiritual ascension and energy healing. 


Get ready for new experiences and harness the magic within you!



Includes 44 rose gold sided cards, with a magnetic closing box and a chakra booklet in color.


****Your oracle card deck will be shipped via Canada Post with a tracking number for your peace of mind.**


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The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Card Deck


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