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The Power of 8 is an artistic chakra oracle card deck with all the things you need to be inspired & manifest your best life!


• Intuitive guidance 

• Affirmations 

• Energy healing

*The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards*


An oracle deck with all the things!


* Energy healing, intuitive guidance & affirmations


* Color Guidebook 


* 44 oracle cards with rose-gold edging and healing art


* Featuring Archangel Metatron for Soul star chakra healing while shuffling


* Magnetic box with Your Spiritual Spine Chakra Chart inside the lid


* 5 x 3.5 inch cards (the perfect size!)


****Mailed with a tracking number for your peace of mind.**


$ Canadian


The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards


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Our Story

Michelle Gill ~ Intuitive Artist

Squirrelly Creations

Trina Amiot ~ Intuitive Advisor • Author • Educator

The Moon Tree Energy Healing

Once upon a time...


There were two women who were friends for over 20 years. Michelle was a magical artist and Trina was an intuitive guide and educator. 


Both were passionate about chakra balancing and both created energy healing jewelry and products as well.


One day Michelle showed Trina her paintings and drawings over Facetime.


Trina couldn't contain her excitement and exclaimed,


"Oh wow those are so beautiful Michelle! I've always wanted to make an oracle deck, would you like to be the artist for something like that?  Would that even interest you?"


Michelle often thought that her art wasn't good enough to sell.  So she was nervous about saying yes.


Trina reminded her that art is subjective.


"Michelle, if I love your art, our Intuitive Community will love it too!"


Michelle took a giant leap of faith with Trina. She said YES and so we begin our journey...


May The Power of 8 guide you and offer you a loving boost of energy healing to brighten each and every day!

Infuse Love & Healing into your Life


The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards are available at

The Bodhi Tree in Peace River, Alberta