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Hello! My name is Trina: 

I'm a professional energy intuitive, mom, wife and entrepreneur, steering you back in the direction of your forgotten magnificence.

intuitive guide with a scientific side...

Ever since I was a little girl, I could see Spirits and other kinds of energy ... and buried all that under the rug.   Now I know the real reason I went the scientific route including power engineering and computer networking...


    It was to learn about energy.


Everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Some is caught deep down in ourselves as residual emotional energy from trauma and grief.


This creates blockages in clarity, health and happiness.

I'm now embracing my intuitive side full force.  It's called Quantum Energy Healing; balancing the energy that surrounds us and within us, to help improve our lives and ascend spiritually.

Let me help you discover all the magic within you!


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I believe in continuous learning:

  • Oracle Guide School  (Colette Baron-Reid™) 
  • Certified Angel Card Reader™ (Radleigh Valentine™ with Hayhouse™) 
  • BaZi & QiMen Dun Jia (Master Joey Yap™)
  • Certified Angelic Mediumship & Mentoring (IAAP™)
  • Blue Seal Medium  (Carmel Joy Baird™) 
  • Classical Feng Shui Consultant (Master Joey Yap™)
  • Biddy Tarot Reader (Biddy Tarot™)
  • Certified Angel and Tarot Card Reader™ (IAAP™) 
  • Intuitive Oracle and Mediumship (Kristy Kilik)  
  • Traditional Usui Reiki 1st Degree Practitioner (Ascension Healing Arts)
  • Certified Crystal Reader (Judy Hall)  
  • Empowerment & Psychic Development (Kristy Kilik)  
  • Fairyologist & Realm Reader (Doreen Virtue™)  
  • 4th & 5th Class Power Engineer (Alberta Boilers Safety Assoc.)
  • Network Adminstrator (CompTIA™)

a little more history...

Everything is energy.


The scientifically-minded part of me has always made me feel conflicted. I could see spirits at a young age, and yet I couldn't explain any of it scientifically ... I didn't want people to think I was weird.


So I became a 4th Class Power Engineer, and then later, a computer Network Administrator and Analyst along with website design and search engine marketing for big companies.


I went the safe route. I did not want to be judged for anything "woo-woo". 


I'm from a Catholic background. I still believe in Jesus. (In fact even more so now.)


When I was young I had a difficult time with confessing to the priest because I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me talking with God everyday at home, at school or anywhere I felt like it? 


I couldn’t buy into the fact that only a priest could do that. Especially when our priest turned out to be a pedophile.


I believed (and still do believe,) that we all have a direct connection with God and our Spirit Team.

Everything is energy and we are all from the same quantum energy pool. 


Healing starts with our energy fields.

Everything has an energetic vibration, even your thoughts. The human body is electrical. It has a North and South Pole. When we balance our energetic frequency, we can enjoy amazing benefits for the mind, body and soul.


I’ve had many experiences with higher frequency beings like angels and what I now know as spirit guides growing up. 

(Those stories I’ll save for my future book.)


Anyway,  I stuffed it all under the rug for many years. It is very likely that you have experienced something like this too!


As I became older and learned more, I realized that everything around us is made of molecules, atoms, electrons and protons, quirks and quarks...spinning around each other...and scientists keep finding smaller and smaller components of matter. 


There’s a lot of stuff that they don’t teach in school.


We learn about solids, liquids and gas, but we aren’t taught about plasma (a form of matter that is basically heated gas - like the sun)  They don’t teach us about Aether or how an emotion has an electrical charge. 


They don’t teach us that it’s okay to improve our intuitive gifts - but yet it’s our birthright! 

I’m continuously improving my abilities and have gone down the proverbial rabbit hole.


I love teaching people how to heal themselves.

I love helping people regain that joie-de-vivre.


One of my mentors, Radleigh Valentine, always says, Life Is Magic.  He’s so right!


The main thing is that everything and everyone is energy and we can influence  it. The highest frequency is Love combined with Compassion. 


Energy awareness is the first step to freedom. It removes the barriers so that we can be fulfilled, happy and discover our life purpose.


Start your discovery today with a healing intuitive energy reading.


Please visit my Blog to learn more about energy and check out all the Free Things while you're here!


Have a blessed life, you deserve it!