Code of Ethics

 As a professional reader I follow this Code of Ethics:

1. The purpose of my readings is to empower the querent to achieve the best outcome using

their free will.


I believe that there are many future potentials, not just one future path. I believe “fate” or “that which we cannot change” only counts as 20%.


I believe that 80% is changeable by our will.

My readings have a certain element of predictive style, but they mostly serve to illustrate imbalances and challenges - and how to overcome these in order to attain the best outcome for your situation.


The oracle cards can show you what your future may be like as a result of your decisions and your current actions and attitudes. It can help free you from limiting patterns of behavior.


My readings serve to empower you with tools and strategies to move forward past any obstacles.



2. I can offer chakra and emotional energetic balancing strategies, but please contact

your doctor for professional medical advice.


I will not give advice in areas for which I am not qualified. If the client

needs a physician, psychologist, lawyer, financial advisor, accountant, or any

other professional service for which I am not qualified, I will encourage them

to seek such service from someone who is qualified in that area.


3. I will keep everything a client tells me and everything that is revealed in a reading confidential, unless the situation is possibly life-threatening.


4. I accept clients of all races, genders, religions, cultures, sexual identity, who are at

least 18 years of age.


5. I reserve the right to refuse to perform a reading for a question that I feel I cannot answer, or one that goes against my code of ethics.


Liability Disclaimer makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the information, content, materials, or services offered.


By booking The Moon Tree’s services, you explicitly acknowledge that all readings and advice arising therefrom are provided and intended for the sole purpose of entertainment.