UNLOCK YOUR DESTINY with a Reading by Trina

💻 Zoom Readings 


Got questions? I have answers.
$129 CAD


Discover your personal opportunities, bust through blockages, and get your customized intuitive guidance to move forward in your new chapter.


 Transform your video game of life by letting me dive deep into your cards, numerology, BaZi and astrology charts.


⭐️The Moon Tree Video 

 Readings Club 
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$35 CAD monthly


Like the paper guide in a box of chocolates, get your personal intuitive video every month to see what fabulous opportunities that The Universe has in store for you! 


  Your personal numerology, astrology, and card reading predictions every month sent as an awesome video to your inbox. 



🌟In-Person Readings

Peace River, Alberta, Canada
by appointment only

     $179 CAD


Get clear and free yourself with our complete package to move forward seamlessly and confidently in mind, body and soul!


Includes your astrology, BaZi, card readings and ZYTO body scan along with cord cutting to remove those pesky webs of the past.

📞Spirit Chat Through My Phone Video Reading

 $222 CAD


Your loved ones in Heaven are happy that technology finally meets mediumship!


Hear inspiring messages from your loved ones or your spirit guides through my phone. Perfect for closure and moving forward.


Chakrify Yourself with The Power of 8 Oracle:

Intuitive YouTube…

If you want strategies for moving forward in any life situation,  let’s connect with The Cards, Stars and Spirit for insight and guidance.


Connect with me on my YouTube channel!


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