Crystals & Gemstones · February 19, 2020
My Citrine crystal has been displaying interesting images for years. I guess it's like a scrying stone. Here are some of those images.

Astrology · February 15, 2020
Pisces! February 19 - March 20 Both my hubby and my dad are Pisces ♓️ and both love to watch movies to disengage from the real world. We fall in love with their eyes...

Astrology · February 15, 2020
Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces, and some setbacks may occur. Here's how you can be prepared for February 17- March 10, 2020.

Spiritual Ascension · January 29, 2020
Are you seeing 11:11 lately? Or maybe 1:01 or 1:11 or 10:10 ? Find out the meaning of these powerful number combinations and what to do when you see them. Brought to you by The Moon Helping You Navigate Life's Energies

Astrology · January 21, 2020
Aquarius: January 21 - February 18 My birthday is January 22, so I thought it would be fitting to write a post on how to love an Aquarius. I really love my zodiac sign, it does suit me: Unconventional, future-oriented, independent and stubborn as hell. Which is weird, because we want to save humanity, and we are so rebellious in freedom of thought, "nobody will control me, only I do that!!!!" But alas, we are a fixed sign in the zodiac... so it's pretty much impossible to change our minds....

Astrology · January 10, 2020
What does 2020 have in store for you? Check out your personal animal sign.

Crystals & Gemstones · July 27, 2019
There are many (easy) ways to cleanse and re-ignite the frequency from your precious gemstones! Try some of these today, but realize each method has its pros and cons:

Spiritual Ascension · June 10, 2019
1. Colors are more vibrant and there are shades of color now that I haven’t seen before. 2. Synchronicities abound! Many symbols, number sequences and other types of Validations from the Universe. 3. Certain Gemstones go missing. Other gemstones become scrying tools; where you see images and movies if you put the images in a sequence. 4. More spirit activity of which I have to set boundaries with them. (Eg. No visiting in my bedroom, that’s my private space) 5. Telepathic abilities greatly...
Astrology · April 23, 2019
Physical Traits of Each Zodiac Sign Ever wonder how to spot a Virgo? What does an Aquarius person look like? Find out below! ARIES ♈️ You’ll find them at the gym or in some kind of athletic training. They have fit bodies, and distinctive noses. A slight tinge of red can be seen in their hair when in the sunshine. Their faces are also red from being active, (or when they are embarrassed, excited or angry.) They have sensitive skin. Notice the scar or mole on the face. The Women are sexy...

Crystals & Gemstones · April 15, 2019
Gemstones carry an energetic frequency and can help us with many issues. Here are some of the best crystals for your astrological sun sign: Aries: Gold Tiger’s Eye for leadership and commitment Taurus: Chrysoprase to overcome envy, and to feel trusting and secure Gemini: Amber to overcome restlessness Cancer: Lepidolite to protect against empathic sensitivity Leo: Sunstone for confidence Virgo: Citrine to banish fear and criticism issues Libra: Clear Quartz for clarity in decision making...

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