Astrology · May 22, 2020
May 21, 2020: Happy Birthday Gemini! Here's how to love that special air sign Gemini in your life.

Astrology · May 07, 2020
May 7, 2020 Full Flower Supermoon in Scorpio. Last supermoon of the year!

Angel Number Meanings · May 03, 2020
Seeing 5:55 or combinations of the number 5 lately? Welcome to the 5th blog post (also a number 5) in my series of "Angel Numbers & What They Mean" I was going to wait to post his until 05/05 but I couldn’t wait. The Universe speaks to us in numbers and we live in a world of mathematics and binary code. The number 5 is a challenging number in both western and Chinese metaphysics. In classical Feng Shui, we try and avoid rooms with the 5 or combos of the five as it signals calamity. I...

Angel Number Meanings · April 20, 2020
If you see 4:44 on the clock, that has a little extra meaning since 4+4+4 adds up to twelve which reduces to...

Astrology · April 19, 2020
Happy Birthday Taurus! April 19 - May 20 Here's how to love the Taurus in your life...

Angel Number Meanings · April 12, 2020
Seeing 3:33 or combinations of the number 3 lately? Welcome to the 3rd blog post (also a number 3) in my series of "Numbers & What They Mean"

Astrology · April 07, 2020
April 7-8, 2020 Intuitive Supermoon Forecast * Sun in Aries (fire) * Full Pink "Super Moon" in Libra (air) * Saturn in Aquarius * 8. INDECISION (reversed)

Feng Shui & QiMen · April 05, 2020
This month in April 2020, we want to hang out in the Western quadrant of your home, or at least, have your back to the West as much as possible. Here's why:

Angel Number Meanings · April 05, 2020
Seeing 2:22 or combinations of the number 2 lately? Welcome to the 2nd blog post (also a number 2) in my series of "Numbers & What They Mean..."

Intuitive Living · March 19, 2020
Ever attach a color to the days of the week? For me it’s chakra related: Monday is red for the root chakra and starting the week off right (stable and secure). Going to climb the line of chakras. Tuesday is orange sacral chakra which feels happy and feminine, a good creative day. Tuesday for me is usually just a good day. I like cooking new things on tuesdays. Wednesday “hump day” is yellow solar plexus chakra for power and motivation to get over the “hump” and glide through the rest...

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