Astrology · September 22, 2021
Happy Birthday Libra ♎️ September 22 - October 23 It’s Libra season! A time for cooperation, justice, rooting for the underdog and finding harmony in all pieces of our life pie. Diplomatic Libra (keyword: “I Balance”) is ruled by the sweet beautiful planet Venus. In a perfect world for Libra, everyone would get along. Libra is part of the Cardinal signs group (along with Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.) These signs signal the start a new season literally, but also metaphorically...

The 4 Big Stages of Life: When Big Changes Happen
Astrology · September 07, 2021
Find out when big changes occur in your life based on your age.

Astrology · August 26, 2021
Happy Birthday Virgo ♍️ August 22 - September 22 Photo credit: @tatimoons on Instagram It’s Virgo season! An efficient and productive time where we harvest the fruits of our labor and perform acts of service. Smart list-making Virgo (keyword: “I Analyze”) is ruled by the intellectual planet Mercury. Virgo is part of the Mutable signs group (along with Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces.) Mutable signs make great team players as they work for the good of all. Virgos are part of the...

Astrology · August 06, 2021
On Sunday August 8, 2021, we have a New Moon in Leo ♌️ (new beginnings) which strongly accentuates the 8-8 Lionsgate Portal (for super manifestation.) The Lions Gate Portal is a powerful cosmic alignment that has been known as early as 3000 BCE. It’s when the Sun is in its home sign Leo and the star Sirius gets closer to Earth, with a culmination point on the 8.8. The Lionsgate Portal is activated. Here’s when the Earth and the Sirius star system are in perfect alignment. There’s a...

Astrology · July 26, 2021
Happy Birthday Leo ♌️ July 21 - August 22 Photo credit: @tatimoons on Instagram It’s Leo season! An enthusiastic, active and outgoing time to connect with the child within us. A time to enjoy some luxuries. (Many Leos are connoisseurs of fine wines.) Leo is a fixed fire sign that rules the 5th house of fun, creativity, children and gambling. It’s planetary ruler is the Sun. When they walk into a room you know it. They have a stage presence, and are dressed well usually with statement...

Astrology · June 20, 2021
Happy Birthday Cancer ♋️ June 20 - July 22 Photo credit: @tatimoons on Instagram It’s Cancer season! Summer solstice (northern hemisphere) and Father’s Day too! A gentle time for nurturing, nostalgia, nesting and motherhood. Cancer rules the 4th house of home and family. They need a safe and secure home base to be happy. Even enough Cancers attract money, especially the males…they may never feel totally secure no matter how much money they have. Ruled by our feminine Moon, Cancer...

How to Love a Gemini ♊︎
Astrology · May 19, 2021
How to love your Gemini ♊︎ Gift ideas, personality description and much more! (photo credit:@ tatimoons on Instagram)

How to Love a Taurus ♉︎
Astrology · April 16, 2021
How to love your Taurus ♉︎ Gift ideas, personality description and much more! (photo credit:@ tatimoons on Instagram)

Astrology · April 06, 2021
On Friday April 9, 2021 we have a challenging aspect where our nurturing MOON in Pisces forms a square with warrior-action MARS in Gemini. The planetary energies conflict; but internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect makes us influenced by emotional conditions. We may be intolerant of others’ opinions. We may appear selfish and demanding at times. Some of us may suffer from a nervous tension, in that we’re unsatisfied when not in action. There...

How to Love an Aries ♈︎
Astrology · March 25, 2021
How to love an Aries ♈︎ Gift ideas, personality description and much more! (photo credit:@ tatimoons on Instagram)

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