Juicy Love Triangles July 7-13

Will it be a Hot and Juicy Romance this week? 

Or will the heat be too much for some relationships…

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July 7-13, 2024

Oooh, some beautiful Blake Lively energy is soon upon us - can you feel it?

This week we will enjoy the first taste of the Upper East Side as Venus (the planet of love, luxury and money) 

moves into the sign of Leo ♌️ (the zodiac sign of indulgence, drama, romance, creativity and confidence)  

The word Leo itself sounds a lot like leadership - which is definitely something The Lioness is known for.  

🍸Ooooh! Gossip Girl reruns - here I come! 

I had a feeling Blake had Leo ♌️ in her chart somewhere with that absolutely GORGEOUS mane of hair - turns out I was right, she is a Leo Rising!

💕Also not surprised I pulled the 

3 of Hearts for this week. 

Ooooh! Juicy love triangles, indecision in love, Chuck and Blair meddling in others’ lives… 

🥵 Is it getting hot in here?

Venus, our love planet is in bed with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto stirring up super deep feelings for all sorts of things. 

Get ready for some hot summer drama!

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