Thank you to all who contact me, and who post reviews and comments on my business Facebook page, Instagram, and Etsy.

  I appreciate you very much! 

* OMG this was an amazing reading!  Wow, bang on!  

I loved this reading and I love how it's a video sent to my email, i really enjoyed watching and I must say, I just LOVE your energy! 

Oh and about my so, THAT'S what it's from! Excuse my language but holy sh*t! My knees!


I've attached photos of those pieces in my bedroom that you were talking about.  Wow. Just wow.  I will be getting another reading in the new year. Thank you, I feel so relieved and excited at the same time!  JC

Guys if you haven’t already,  get one of Trina’s readings. 

 Just completely blown away by my reading. Yes I am named after my grandmother and yes she used to wear blue ascots around her neck. I saved one. It’s somewhere. And I have felt her with me on occasion. Just truly intrigued. Thank you. 


Dennis Proffitt

Good afternoon to you Trina! 
Wow! I am in complete awe. 
Thank you so much for that beautiful reading!
Love the video idea of it!! Much more personal that way! 😁
You pegged my personality and attributes completely.
My beautiful rose bracelet arrived this morning! I ALSO put on cedar essential oil this morning and was completely taken back when I opened my bracelet and it smelled of CEDAR clashing of fragrances for me today!
💕this bracelet was meant to be mine! 😉. 
It’s already afternoon and I can say one simple day of wearing my new bracelet and cedar oil I feel amazing and i feel like blockages are already lifting. I have a long journey of awakening to come and I can feel the outcome is going to be absolutely magical! 
Thank you for validating so much for me at this time. I am in the process of finding myself(again) and I fully believe I need to ground myself in order for that to take place.
 I also loved your spoon bending video had me laughing out loud (you are such a genuine beautiful soul) ... I will definitely be practicing that! You are absolutely right our minds are very powerful!  
I am going to grow. I will reach a new vibration level and I will be myself again in time. I will trust my intuition and believe in myself and I am putting my faith back to the universe. 
Thank you so much Trina - much love to you. You are a truly gifted lady.
Cassie Proskurniak