Spiritual Ascension

Spiritual Ascension · January 29, 2020
Are you seeing 11:11 lately? Or maybe 1:01 or 1:11 or 10:10 ? Find out the meaning of these powerful number combinations and what to do when you see them. Brought to you by The Moon Tree.org Helping You Navigate Life's Energies

Spiritual Ascension · June 10, 2019
1. Colors are more vibrant and there are shades of color now that I haven’t seen before. 2. Synchronicities abound! Many symbols, number sequences and other types of Validations from the Universe. 3. Certain Gemstones go missing. Other gemstones become scrying tools; where you see images and movies if you put the images in a sequence. 4. More spirit activity of which I have to set boundaries with them. (Eg. No visiting in my bedroom, that’s my private space) 5. Telepathic abilities greatly...
Spiritual Ascension · April 14, 2019
Is there a difference between Psychic and Intuitive? Learn more from Canada's spiritual energy medium!