March 2024 Intuitive Power News

It's time to start a new chapter.

Welcome to Intuitive Power News;

Your March 2024 edition!

It’s Women’s Month

Honor the feminine divine within you and celebrate 🎉 with others!

💥On March 25th we have a Full Moon 🌕 lunar eclipse which marks the culmination and ending of one journey.

🎉This is leading us to the big SOLAR ECLIPSE in Aries ♈️ on April 8th for:

New Beginnings. 

✨Think of it as a cosmic reset button.✨

Use this time in March to clean out the body, the garage, the fridge, the finances and the closets. 


It’s time to get rid of anything from the past that’s been holding you back from winning in your video game of life!

• Carry Carnelian, Selenite or Rose Quartz to release, forgive and clarify - let yourself receive all the goodness!

• Choose Rosemary, Basil or Atlas Cedarwood in your essential oil diffuser (also try placing one drop in your belly button if it’s a high quality oil) 

💥 March is a 2 month in the Universe’s number language which means partnerships.

You can partner with thousands of other spiritual women and watch me present


in The Women’s Spirit Festival Facebook group on Wednesday evening March 20 at:

• 8:00 pm pacific

9:00 mountain

11:00 pm eastern

Where I will prepare you for the New Moon solar eclipse in Aries ♈️ happening on April 8

with astrological strategies and free readings with The Power of 8 Lenormand & chakra oracle cards!

Knowledge is power and you can be sure to move forward with confidence during this cosmic reset.✨

Join the spiritual women’s festival here and mark your calendar March 20 at 8:00 pm Pacific for my live presentation.

Invite your other spiritually minded female friends to join too!

Let’s make 2024 be your best year yet


Trina ❤️

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