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Astrology · February 09, 2023
How to seduce your partner this Valentine’s Day: Find out where their Venus is located in their Astro-Chart! HINT: You’ll need to use an online free calculator like And key in their date of birth. Look at their VENUS placement: Venus in Aries: These sexy, fiery people need constant excitement in relationships. (Think Liz Taylor & Marilyn Monroe) If things slow down they start looking elsewhere. So give them a spontaneous date with some exciting...

Intuitive Living · September 09, 2020
✨Choose a Card!✨ The Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple & Jude Buffum —> Intuitive Readings Flash Sale! Use code FLASH30 at checkout for any reading over $20 But Hurry! Your 30% off is valid only until Friday September 11, 2020 Scroll down for your answers...

Intuitive Living · August 27, 2020
Affirmation of the Day: I am not responsible for how other people react to my life choices. I don't have to make other people comfortable.

Angel Number Meanings · April 12, 2020
Seeing 3:33 or combinations of the number 3 lately? Welcome to the 3rd blog post (also a number 3) in my series of "Numbers & What They Mean"

Intuitive Living · February 12, 2018
Intuition is something we are all born with. It's just that some people choose to develop it and make it stronger. There are some first steps for increasing your intuitive powers. 1. Quiet Your Mind We are bombarded by radio frequencies, pollutants, media and solar flares which mess with our brains and cause fuzziness in receiving intuitive thoughts. Meditation, yoga, and relaxing walks in nature will help us to ground and shut off the noise so that our minds can receive intuitive messages. 2....