Exercise Your Intuition

Intuition is something we are all born with.  It's just that some people choose to develop it and make it stronger.


There are some first steps for increasing your intuitive powers.


1. Quiet Your Mind

We are bombarded by radio frequencies, pollutants, media and solar flares which mess with our brains and cause fuzziness in receiving intuitive thoughts.

Meditation, yoga, and relaxing walks in nature will help us to ground and shut off the noise so that our minds can receive intuitive messages.


2. Clean It Up

Cleaning up removes old stagnant energy that's taking up space emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Cleaning up raises your energetic vibration which increases intuition.


- Clean the clutter from your house, your garage, your vehicle and at your work.

- Clean out the garbage in your physical body by detoxing.

- Have a good cry and let it all out. Crying is very cleansing.

- Have regular cleansing baths with essential oils and a mix of different bath salts.

- Stop listening to heavy or depressing music, and start listening to

higher frequency music such as The Beatles or Bach (the Spa Channel on satellite is one of my favorites)


3. Start Noticing!

Give your intuition a chance to speak more by listening and noticing.  When your intuition feels acknowledged it won't be so shy.


- Notice the colors around you

- Notice which of your choices makes you feel good

- Notice what bird you just saw and look it up online (eg Raven spiritual message)

- Notice the clock - 11:11, 3:33, 4:44 are common intuitive signs

- Notice what song is playing and what the message is for you


And write down your dreams


Happy Exercising!

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