The Meaning of 2:22

Seeing 2:22 or combinations of the number 2 lately?

Welcome to the 2nd blog post (also a number 2) in my series of "Numbers & What They Mean"


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The Universe speaks to us in numbers. We live in a binary reality; just ask Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. 


The number 2 itself is about:

  • crossroads
  • choices
  • options
  • juggling things, and,
  • partnerships like "two people". (These relationships can be in career, home or friends.)

When we add 2+2+2 from the clock 2:22, we get the number 6.


In Chinese metaphysics like and QiMen Feng Shui, 6 represents good fortune and prosperity. We also look for this facing star in our house charts for good health sectors.


The 6 in general means re-establishing the balance in some way. 


When you see number two combos, or see 2:22 on the clock, just know that the Universe and your angels are sending you the message to ask yourself: "What needs balance in my life right now?"


The Universe has your back and wants to partner with you to co-create your future in the most favorable way possible. Think about what needs extra effort in your life right now towards prosperity of the mind, body and soul. 


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