Sept 17-18 Intuitive Energy Forecast

✨Intuitive Energy Forecast✨
Friday September 17 - Saturday Sept 18, 2021

🎵Taxman - The Beatles🎵

* Sun in Virgo ♍️ (earth)
* Moon in Aquarius ♒️ (air)
* 6 of Autumn (coins, earth) Animal Tarot cards by Raleigh Valentine 

Bill Murray is a Virgo celebrity with his Moon in Aquarius. 

Now I understand why most of the movies on Netflix I’ve been watching lately have him in it.

This is a an earthy straight-shooter energy (Virgo Sun) that is futuristic and wants freedom, just like air itself (Aquarius moon.)

There are thoughts about the future, about money, about feeling financially secure in this new world. 

Increasing wealth is alot about working smart not hard and how to avoid paying out more than you earn. 

Starting a side business to lower your taxes, investing to get higher returns, and thinking of ways to earn passive income. 

Many of us will be researching how to enter the knowledge delivery business revolution. 

Others will learn about digital currencies and how to invest in them. (I invested some in crypto over a year ago and it’s up 74% so that’s a pretty good return.)

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