History of Orgonite
Dr Wilhelm Reich (1897 – 1957) was an Austrian psychiatrist who in the 1930s discovered a type of bio-electric energy that he termed ORGONE.


The American College of Orgonomy


Dr Reich made an orgone accumulator machine that had alternating layers of metal pieces and carbon based material.

The orgone energy that was produced helped mice with cancer to live much longer than the mice that weren't kept in the orgone accumulator box. He used the technology on treating humans with cancer. However, there were flaws in his device.

He went further than that and produced the first cloud buster.


This weather controlling machine was believed to trigger rain or dissipate clouds depending on what was required.


Now in the 2000s, there are huge orgone device gifting movements to balance our weather, such as "Organise Africa" where they've made rain where it hasn't rained in hundreds of years!

Sadly, like so many forward-thinking folks, our good doctor was imprisoned by the FDA, his research was destroyed, and Dr William Reich died in jail in 1957.  


Now, years later, the research has re-surfaced and new methods of creating Orgonite are being developed. At The Moon Tree we've been creating Orgone generating devices with möbius copper coil wrapped crystals and kyanite pieces since 2010.


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