Physical Traits of Each Zodiac Sign: How to Spot Them

Physical Traits of Each Zodiac Sign

Ever wonder how to spot a Virgo? What does an Aquarius person look like? Find out below!


You’ll find them at the gym or in some kind of athletic training. They have fit bodies, and distinctive noses. 

A slight tinge of red can be seen in their hair when in the sunshine.

Their faces are also red from being active, (or when they are embarrassed, excited or angry.) 

They have sensitive skin.

Notice the scar or mole on the face. 

The Women are sexy tomboys with almond shaped eyes and a sharp eyebrow arch. 

She has a narrow chin. She also has a fuller lower lip and a thinner upper lip. 

If you’re worried about baldness, choose an Aries man as they keep their thick dark hair (usually with a widow’s peak) all the way into old age.

Aries people like sporty type of clothes in their free time.


Taurus people have a sexy but gentle look; their energy makes you feel that you can trust them. 

My, what a lovely voice you have Taurus! (Many are professional singers.)

They are of average to shorter height and gain weight easily.

Notice their wavy to curly hair, darker shades of eyes and a button nose.

The Taurean women have full breasts and full lips.

Taurus people also have prominent ears and thicker necks. They have a clear complexion. 

There is usually some kind of sentimental value to the clothes they wear.


The Gemini person walks very upright and swings their arms when walking.

They often have blue or hazel eyes in the lighter shades. They usually have a cleft chin or a dimple in the chin...with a straight nose.

There is a good arch to the eyebrow. 

Their gaze is intense and direct underneath those long, luscious eyelashes.

The skin is a bit thinner and you can see veins.

Many Gemini men like to do the socks with sandals thing. 


Wow what luminous amazing skin you have Cancer! What’s your secret?

Those defined cheeks and dark, deep-set round eyes are sexy. I see that you’re using waterproof mascara.

They have diamond or heart-shaped faces with an angled chin.

What they lack in size of hands or feet, they make up for with larger breasts.

Their tummies are either 6 pack abs... or round and plump. 

LEO ♌️ 

You’ll spot a Leo by their wide foreheads and great fashion sense.

They carry themselves with pride, almost regally. They take bigger steps when walking. 

Men are usually muscular and walk with their chests pushed out - just like a lion.

Speaking of lion, many Leos have good hair; thick or else well-coiffed.

Many have darker grey or blue almond shaped eyes, and good skin.

They have longer waists and smaller ears.


The Virgo person is average to taller in height, with bright, clear almond-shaped eyes on an oval face.

They look younger than they really are.

They have larger foreheads (similar to  a Leo) and a big smile.

They have a slender body when young.

Their clothes fit them well, and are of high quality material. 

The Virgo usually likes to part their hair in the middle.


What a beautiful smile and a charming voice!

They have an oval or a heart-shaped face. Their shirts are airy, not constricting.

The Libra woman has a soft and pretty, overall romantic look.

They often have a cleft chin, dimpled cheeks (or both.)

They have a nice nose and nice lips with an average build. There is the tendency for a Libra person to gain weight with age. 


The Scorpio person has an overall mysterious look that is super sexy. Those deep, piercing eyes!

Look for prominent cheekbones on a square-shaped face.

Check out their strong jaw, and their sensual lips, with a fair complexion.

They do tan easily, and have stockier builds.

They like wearing black clothes, and many enjoy a middle part to their dark hair.


The Sagittarius person is average to taller in height.

They’re strong with a very open and welcoming face.

They have nice hair, nice eyes, and a great smile!

They’re a bit klutzy.

Their fashion sense is clean and  simple. (They like to be comfortable while traveling and exploring the world.)


The Capricorn person is attractive and has strong facial features which seem a bit serious.

They become even more attractive with age.

They have curvy bodies, with smooth skin...and flat, straight hair. Their eyes are deep set and they have longer noses. 

Their smooth skin tans easily and their walk is slow and deliberate. 

Classy dressers, they enjoy black tailored suits for professional careers. 


Spot an Aquarius by their high foreheads. (That’s because they need a lot of space for all their smart brains.)

Notice their quirky, unique type of look. They don’t follow fashion trends...they start them.

Or else they rebel in general.

They have lighter shades of hair and eyes - and often have dimples on their cheeks.

They are sensitive to weather and prefer medium temperatures. Not too hot, not too cold. (You’ll see them extremely bundled up in winter and almost naked in summer.)

They have a charming mouth and the ladies love lipstick to accentuate those lovely lips.

Many Aquarians drive crossover types of SUVs. 

Their clothes are somewhat quirky and/or unique that aren’t constricting. They’ll choose the most comfortable materials against their skin.


Pisces people have full eyebrows and broad shoulders.  Pisces women have larger breasts and silky, delicate skin.

Eyes are round and dreamy - brown or blue in color.

Average to shorter in height, the Pisces person has good posture and takes smaller steps when walking. 

Their legs are a bit stocky.

Their skin is somewhat delicate and sensitive, and they age so very well.

They have a tendency to stay looking young as they age.

Notice a larger mouth and their upper teeth look fabulous when they smile!

Their hair has a bit of a wave.

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  • #1

    Sunta (Tuesday, 01 September 2020 14:15)

    It's absolutely correct about me as I'm a Aries....

  • #2

    Makayla (Tuesday, 29 December 2020 14:13)

    I'm a gemini and that described me perfectly.

  • #3

    Naisha (Monday, 01 February 2021)

    Harry styles is an Aquarius and his style is same as described (quirky,unique etc).