How to Love a Pisces

Happy Birthday Pisces! 

February 19 - March 20


Both my hubby and my dad are Pisces ♓️ and both love to watch movies to disengage from the real world.


Some Pisces are known to “drink like a fish” - another way to connect with fantasy and disconnect from the surrounding energies of the world.


We fall in love with their eyes. Those hypnotic, beautiful Piscean eyes that often seem distracted, like they’re directed towards other mystical worlds.


Pisces people are psychic sponges, picking up energies from everywhere and everyone. They say that Pisceans are the most intuitive of the zodiac.


Many of their feelings aren’t even their own; just psychic debris from encounters throughout their day.


Rather than hurting someone, a Pisces person will often take on many tasks without the intention of actually fulfilling them. 

Like the two tied fish swimming away from eachother, it’s a tough mix of kindness vs passive aggression.

It’s tough dealing with everyday reality.


Although they may not show it, everything is through the Pisces’ feelings. Emotion underpins everything in life. One current pulls them this way, then another current pulls them that way. 

Most of them don’t even know how they feel, because they absorb everyone else’s feelings and psychic impressions.


** My Advice for a Pisces **

Ease up on the self-blame and guilt. Relieve that anxiety surrounding your thoughts of all those who suffer and the people you’ve let down in the past. We all make mistakes. Focus instead on your high creativity and how you support so many people!

Sometimes, you feel used. This is simply because you haven’t set out your expectations and proper boundaries at the beginning.


A Pisces person has a natural talent to find objects. It’s like they know where everything is located no matter what. 

They are super intuitive and empathic. Grounding exercises like walking through nature and yoga will serve them very well.


** How to Love Your Piscean **

Hug your beautiful, intuitive Pisces and let them have their day away from the world playing video games or watching TV/movies all day. (They just need to recharge.)


While you’re at it, pour your Pisces lover a nice hot salt bath with scented candles on the side, and give them a  massage. 

A “happy ending” to their own personal movie. 💕

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    Steph (Tuesday, 18 February 2020 20:23)

    Oh boy! nailed it! So simple yet so complex. Love love my pisces man