Special Full Pink Super Moon Intuitive Energy Forecast: Tuesday April 7 to Wednesday April 8, 2020


  • Sun in Aries (fire)
  • Full Pink "Super Moon" in Libra (air)
  • Saturn in Aquarius 
  • 8. INDECISION (REVERSED)...which means Decision

Wowzers what a time to be alive! Lots of unprecedented activity in the cosmos as well as on our dear Planet Earth.


The Libra Air Full Moon is feeding the Aries fire Sun. Which in a nutshell, we will be really considering all the facets of our decisions (Libra) before making the appropriate movement (Aries). What's interesting about that is I JUST finished reading an email from Debra Silverman Astrology and title of it was "We Get To Choose Our Response"   


haha you can't make this stuff up! (right Colette?)


This sun-moon combo is all about balancing autonomy and self-assertion (Aries) with compromise and cooperation (Libra). This Super Full Moon is giving us the chance to see situations and relationships on a different level, which will force us to commit or let go.


8. INDECISION REVERSED means decision. 

As Debra said in her email: "We Get to Choose our Response."

The 8 itself is about karma and personal power. Karma is based on a collection of our decisions.

Very cool, Universe. 


And hooray to the first Full Moon of Spring!

Tonight's Super Pink Moon is also the largest full moon of 2020. The name derives from a pink flower called phlox subulata that blooms in Spring in North America.



She will arrive at her closest point to Earth tonight for all of 2020. At 8:35 pm (EDMONTON MOUNTAIN tIME) she will be full. Because she is so close, the tides within the next few days will be higher than normal and lower than normal depending on where you live in the world.


Another interesting thing is last month in March 2020, Saturn (who points the way along the path of duty and destiny) entered Aquarius (the humanitarian yet aloof Air sign of technology and invention.) This will stay for another 30 years. So as I've been saying many times before in my Facebook Live videos, get on the technology train; don't get left behind!


You may not have known what to do in the past, but your soul has been trying to guide you all along. open up to the potential of this time and create some clear and powerful intentions regarding your new choice.

Let yourself move forward with purpose and personal power.


Affirmation: I release fear and move forward with courage and trust. I have the power to direct my own destiny - now and always.

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