Thurs. January 28, 2021 • Full Wolf Moon in Leo ♌️

Thursday January 28: Full Moon in Leo ♌️ 

Enjoy the luckiest day of the year ! 🥳

18. I Trust Myself

The moon reflects light from the sun. This is a time to observe your deepest emotions ...and trust your intuition. 

This card resonates with the crown chakra where everything ...and everyone ...are connected. 

Including your cells and the neurons in your brain. 

Really if you think about it, everything just spins around eachother... the planets, the galaxies, the electrons and protons around a nucleus ... 

So what does this MEAN?

• see through any illusions and trust your instinct ... explore your hurt feelings

• learn about the waxing and waning cycles of the moon and how it affects you

• dance to the light of this Leo full moon and celebrate her nurturing, creative energy

• discover ideas about your next step forward.

AFFIRMATION: I acknowledge and trust my own feelings through this process. 

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Trina 💕
(Intuitive Guide & Energy Tool Maker)

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