Astrology Investing & Stock Market Trading

Are you interested in stock market investing using astrology?

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 Stocks tend to perform better in the days around the New Moon, while price weakness is more frequently seen in the days around Full Moon.

 Major market crashes have a tendency to happen 3 days before a New Moon, typically in 8th or 9th lunar month in the Chinese lunar calendar (September or October).

Bull Market vs Bear Market

A bull market is when our stocks are doing well. A bear market is when most stocks on the market are losing their value and the market becomes volatile. 

Bull or Bear Times using Astrology

(from a published paper on tjprc.org)


Excessively Significant Bullish:

􏰁 Moon & Mars in Taurus 

Highly Significant Bullish

􏰁 Moon & Venus in Sagittarius

􏰁 Moon & Venus in Virgo

􏰁 Moon & Venus in Libra

􏰁 Moon & Saturn in Virgo

Moderately Bullish

􏰁 Moon & Mars in Virgo

􏰁 Moon & Mars in Pisces

􏰁 Moon & Mercury in Cancer

􏰁 Moon & Jupiter in Aquarius

􏰁 Moon & Venus in Sagittarius

􏰁 Moon & Venus in Virgo sign

􏰁 Moon & Venus in Scorpio sign

􏰁 Sun & Moon in Virgo sign

􏰁 Sun & Moon in Pisces sign

􏰁 Sun & Moon in Leo sign

􏰁 Sun & Moon in Scorpio sign

􏰁 Sun & Moon in Taurus sign

Highly Significant Bearish

􏰁 Moon & Mars in Libra

 Moderately bearish

􏰁 Moon & Mars in Sagittarius

􏰁 Moon & Mars in Capricorn

􏰁 Moon & Mercury in Libra

􏰁 Moon & Mercury in Taurus

Stock market investing can be a gamble. Invest at your own risk. Use your discretion and perform your research and due diligence.

It is best to invest only what you can afford to lose. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. 

I like to spread my wealthsimple investments with index funds, crypto and stocks that have consistently performed over 5 years. I especially enjoy stocks that pay dividends. Free money is cool. 

But I’m a low to medium-risk investor and ... I’m definitely not a day trader. I do not recommend day trading especially if you are a beginner in investing. 

It is recommended to have about 30 stocks in a portfolio. 

Read up on those educational websites and watch YouTube videos to help you get started. Try Googling “5 stocks for beginners” and see where the rabbit hole takes you.

Happy Astro Investing!

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