Libra Season Begins!

Happy Birthday Libra ♎️ 

September 22 - October 23

It’s Libra season! A time for cooperation, justice, rooting for the underdog and finding harmony in all pieces of our life pie.

Diplomatic Libra (keyword: “I Balance”) is ruled by the sweet beautiful planet Venus.

In a perfect world for Libra, everyone would get along.

Libra is part of the Cardinal signs group (along with Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.)

These signs signal the start a new season literally, but also metaphorically speaking. 

Here is a time for a fresh perspective into the future. 

Libra’s are part of the communicative Air signs group (alongside Gemini and Aquarius.) 

Air element is intellectual and carries the spark of a new idea 💡 .

Libra rules the 7th house of partnerships and legal matters.  It’s a good season to fortify our existing solid connections and also make new alliances. 

Libra women love pastel colours and have cute noses. There is grace and elegance to a Libra, as well as making something beautiful. 

For example, many hair designers/stylists, interior decorators and florists have a strong Libra influence in their birth chart.

Libra are good at working with the public.


Libra wants compromise, equality and diplomacy.  That’s why it’s hard for them to come to a decision; they’re always looking for the win-win solution. 

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